Will Canadian Casino Cruises Be Popular in the Future?

After the almost two-year-long onsets of COVID-19, travel is expected to increase in 2022 and beyond. There has been a huge spike in bookings for 2022 and 2023 in the previous period, mostly by people who had their previous 2020 and 2021 cruises cancelled. Moreover, casino cruise travellers are booking new trips because they anticipate cruising returning safer than ever.

However, the pandemic has had an impact on the casino cruise industry. Cruise ships with real money casinos offer an appealing vacation alternative, regardless of whether you plan your trip around gambling options or are simply interested in gaming entertainment as part of your cruise. Here is a look at what the future holds and what changes we might see.

Casino Cruise as a Vacation Choice

Many large voyage ships, and some of the smaller ones, are equipped with onboard casinos. Still, travellers are suggested to check this kind of information online or in a travelling agency. There are a lot of benefits associated with taking a cruise that includes casino gambling. You can even earn back some of the money that you spent on your trip since you add an additional entertainment option to what’s already offered during the cruise.

Many Canadian cruise ships offer gaming tables onboard. In addition, vessels with casino themed gaming have dozens of slot machines, table games, and card games. There is a selection of different poker and blackjack games, along with games that you can play with the dealer as well as against other players. Players will probably be able to find a wide range of slots, including penny slots and slots with higher minimum deposits as well as casino online real money. Apart from that, most cruise casino ships keep their stakes at a low- or moderate level in order to cater to the wishes of players.

Casino Cruise Changes In 2022

Vaccinations are on track to reach herd immunity across the globe by 2021, and the pandemic prospects are looking optimistic. By 2022, we expect cruising to pick up some momentum a bit. Canada banned all ships with more than 500 people from docking in its ports as of mid-March 2020.

Now, we are looking into Transport Canada lifting its ban on cruise ships calling in at its ports en route to Alaska. This will likely make 2022 the busiest season since 2019 as all the casino enthusiasts who used to play at best online casino will be able to visit a cruise casino. Due to the fact that American citizens are now permitted to travel to Europe, we anticipate that river cruising will be on the rise, particularly in Europe. In some cases, vaccination passports, or at least proof of vaccination, may become necessary to travel.

Using your phone as a keycard or turning off your cabin lights is no longer unusual as it is becoming more common. Experiences on such a ship will be centred around technology in order to increase the touch-free approach. This goes for paying at any part of the ship, including the casino venue. Throughout your stay, the ship’s mobile app will provide helpful navigation, kid-tracking, monitoring of onboard spending, dining reservations and QR code menus, spa treatments, shore excursions, and show bookings.

COVID-19 Destination-specific Requirements

Destinations will remain alert as long as COVID-19 is not controlled. Global efforts are underway to eradicate COVID-19; as a result, many countries require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter.  

Travel agents and cruise lines will have to assist passengers in the post-pandemic era in order to enable better travel conditions. Lines will be able to assist passengers with arranging COVID tests in the same way as they help passengers with obtaining visas for a particular country.

Embarkation will undergo major changes in the near future. In addition to vaccination proof and the results of the COVID test, casino cruise lines will start implementing changes that have already been introduced across the globe. We can expect fixed boarding times to prevent massive crowds, full automated check-in and nearly touchless check-in. Possibly, there would even be a more extensive screening, including a temperature check at boarding and a PCR test.

What Kind of Canadian Casino Cruises Will Be Popular?

In 2021, small and luxury ship lines will begin to attract new clients. We may see that trend continuing for years to come, as people gravitate toward a more intimate setting. The smaller ships also appeal to those who have been waiting two years for the opportunity to take a cruise.

By November 1, 2021, cruise lines will no longer have to be limited to one week or less in North America. Shorter casino cruises are expected to become more popular as the industry starts its recovery. Pandemic-related concerns also make it seem like life is short, and there is no point in putting off that special experience any longer, but the journeys will be shortened to make it safer.

Canada Casino Cruise Industry’s Long-Term Future

Perhaps everyone should take this pandemic as a wake-up call. The business models of companies worldwide are poised to undergo a profound transformation, challenging traditional assumptions. And casino cruise lines will follow suit.

Cruise line companies cooperated more during the peak of the pandemic than perhaps ever before – putting the industry’s well-being ahead of their own interests. Thus, the health and safety of guests will remain a constant focus over the long-term. COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear completely from vessels or around the world, either.

Onboarding cases will be a critical aspect of a line’s future effectiveness. This is the most significant factor that could affect the popularity of casino cruises in Canada in the future.

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