Your Sailing Holiday Essentials

What better way to spend your summer vacation than by island hopping in the Mediterranean sea, visiting some of its most enchanting and timeless islands? Discover their unspoiled natural beauty, and explore ancient ruins, hidden lagoons and local landscapes.

A sailing holiday offers you the chance to relax and unwind while drifting along on tranquil and pristine waters and is perfect for snorkeling, diving and exploring the colorful and varied marine life beneath the ocean. Whether you are planning a swimming holiday or would like to try your hand at water sports, visiting your next holiday destination by sea could be the ideal way to travel this summer. If you’re ready to set sail on your voyage then read on for some sailing essentials to keep in mind before your trip.


One of the best ways to ensure your boat is in shape for your travels is by adding a T-Top. This metal structure which is attached to a center console boat has many benefits which include providing shade and rain protection to passengers as well as added visibility and, therefore, safety on the seas.

If you enjoy fishing, one of these Stryker T-Tops can make your pastime more enjoyable by keeping you out of the sun and offering you extra storage overhead for your fishing apparatus such as rods, navigation equipment and other electronic devices. Another advantage of a T-top is the stability it offers as passengers can grab hold of the rails when moving over choppy waters.

A T-Top also offers you high location point for mounting equipment and accessories such as outriggers, antennas, extra bi-color navigation lights, as well as speakers for your entertainment.

low angle view of shoes
Clothing and more is needed


Along with your bathing suits and a selection of clothing from your summer wardrobe, it also pays to pack some thermal layers for cooler weather and evenings. A wind and waterproof sailing jacket, sturdy walking shoes with rubber soles and sailing gloves to protect your hands against calluses is also advisable.

To prevent it from blowing off, remember to pack a sun hat which you can secure to your head such as a cap or a sun hat with straps.  Sunglasses are also essential for protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun, which will appear brighter as they are reflected off the surface of the water.

bathing essentials and toiletries on a wooden tray
Be sure to pack your bathroom essentials, sun screen and other needed comforts


Along with your bathroom essentials,  there are some other invaluable items which will be needed to keep you healthy and safe on your trip. This includes a waterproof, broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. This is particularly important on a sailing holiday as you will potentially be exposed to the sun for several hours a day. An aftersun lotion, first aid kit, insect repellent and travel sickness medication is also advisable to take with you. It’s also a good idea to take a travel laundry kit with you so you can wash your clothes on the go.

Now that you know the essentials to take with you, you can feel confident sailing off on your adventure. Bon voyage!

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