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5 Family Activities on the MSC Seaside

It’s finally time for a long-awaited holiday – and you’re lucky enough to be taking a cruise! Cruising can be a very enjoyable experience for the whole family, but it’s worth knowing what activities you can expect on board; the last thing you need is bored children and the ever-dreaded complaining and arguments that are likely to ensue.

Choosing the MSC Seaside for your cruise means you’ve already taken the first step in ensuring happy and entertained children on holiday; the ship offers such a wide range of activities that the kids are unlikely to find anything to complain about. Trying these 5 family activities on the MSC Seaside will ensure that your family never gets bored:

Splash around in the pool or at the waterpark

On the MSC Seaside, there’s no need to look longingly at the ocean all day – take a dip in the Panorama Pool, one of several pools on board the ship! The pool gives swimmers incredible views of the sea, and a set of sun loungers surrounding the pool are available for those who prefer to indulge in a little sunshine.

If your kids need a little more stimulation, why not pay a visit to the multi-storey Forest Aquaventure and Adventure Park? Its five slides, including two of high-speed that reach over the ship’s sides, are sure to thrill any child – or child at heart.

Challenge yourselves to a game of bowling, or go to the theatre

Dust off those bowling shoes and prepare yourself for a competitive round of bowling! With two full-size bowling lanes on board, the MSC Seaside will have you engaged in a bit of healthy familial competition.

The MSC Seaside also offers visitors the chance to see spectacular shows in its 930-seat theatre – with several shows a night, there’s something for everyone.

5 Family Activities on the MSC Seaside | 8
MSC Seaside, Arcade Games & Bowling

Try an adventure activity

The MSC Seaside is perfect for young adventurers, who alongside the waterpark might like to try its ropes course the Adventure Trail, complete with spray cannons. Additionally, the MSC Seaside gives visitors the chance to wander across a skywalk, offering breathtaking views of the sea – a must-do as long as nobody in the family is afraid of heights!

5 Family Activities on the MSC Seaside | 8
MSC Seaside, Zip line

Enjoy a family meal

The MSC Seaside boasts a range of restaurants, from seafood to steak. Kids and parents alike will appreciate the range of choices – and if you’re feeling like a child-free evening, why not send the kids to the dedicated children-only restaurant and have a romantic dinner with your partner?

5 Family Activities on the MSC Seaside | 8
MSC Seaside, Ocean Cay Restaurant

Take advantage of the excursions

What better way to foster an appreciation of new cultures in children than a visit to a foreign port? Dependant on the itinerary you choose, MSC Seaside offers visits to fascinating port cities, complete with unique cultural experiences ashore.

Holidays are well-known for their ability to ruin healthy eating habits and daily routines, but if you arrive prepared you can avoid too much disruption. There are plenty of healthy food options available on the MSC Seaside, so start each day with a healthy breakfast and you’ll feel tip-top for all of the activities on offer. To help you stay fit, MSC cruises offer a range of exercise activities on board, so you can offset your sun-lounging with a bit of physical activity. There are even sports tournaments to take part in as a family if you’re feeling particularly competitive!

5 Family Activities on the MSC Seaside | 8
MSC Seaside, Junior Club Lego

Keeping kids entertained on holiday can often be an uphill battle for parents, but rest assured that the MSC Seaside offers a wide range of activities for young ones and their families to combat boredom. The kids are sure to have such endless fun that they won’t want to go home!

Photo Source: MSC Seaside

Cloe Matheson is a writer from New Zealand with a passion for all things travel and adventure. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, trying local food and exploring new places. You can often find her at a local café typing away while enjoying a good cup of coffee. See more of her work here.

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