Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Map Ship Tracking

Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Map Ship Tracking

  • Move your mouse or finger over the vessel for live data.
  • Click a ship for even more sailing details and real-time information.
  • Zoom in close enough and you’ll see the ship moving in real-time.

Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Here, you can check the current location of cruise ships worldwide. You can use this real-time cruise live ship tracker to know where your desired vessel is. You’ll be able to see your current ship position and activity. Follow the vessel as it is docked in port and anchored, and even see live speed data in real-time via an interactive world map,

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Cruise Ship Tracker

AIS ship tracking is a great way to stay up-to-date on the location of marine vessels. Using the AIS system, you can track the progress of a ship as it travels from port to port. This information can be beneficial for planning your travel itinerary and following your ship during your cruise vacation. Every cruise line follows its vessels to keep tabs on their time of arrival and current position as well as other items that might cause delays, such as weather or other marine traffic.

Want to stay up-to-date on cruise ship locations?

The AIS system is a network of transponders that sends information like ship name, location, course, and speed. This data can be used to track the progress of a cruise ship as it travels from port to port.

What Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships are tracked?

All of the world’s cruise lines use the AIS system to track each cruise ship in their fleet using updated data. It helps large vessels like cruise ships, and others know each other’s current location, speed, heading, routes, etc. You can look up a specific cruise ship or focus on a particular fleet from your favorite cruise line. Of course, this system also can show many other vessels such as cargo ships, pilots, yachts, passenger ferries, and many more.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

The Automatic Identification System, or AIS, is a system used by ships and other vessels to identify each other and transmit their locations. This information can be used to track the progress of a cruise ship as it travels from port to port. The data transmitted by AIS includes the vessel’s name, course, speed, destination, ship type, and any safety-related messages. It also provides an indication of the vessel’s size, type, cargo, and maneuverability. The system also uses a network of base stations located on shore.

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

The vessel traffic services (VTS) system is used mainly for monitoring and controlling maritime traffic in an area of specific importance. With its modern technology, it enables the authorities to observe, analyze, and coordinate the movement of vessels within a designated area. The system consists of various communication channels such as radar, AIS, VHF radio, and satellite.

Cruise Ship Tracker
Cruise Ship Tracker

Real-Time Cruise Ship Tracking Map

Today people are cruising more and more. The cruise lines make a great effort to offer passengers an enjoyable and safe experience. With AIS ship tracking, cruise lines can better manage their growing fleet. Cruise lines also have state-of-the-art fleet operation centers that enable real-time information sharing between the centers and the fleet. The fleet operation centers focus on more than just the ship’s location but also Nautical Operations & Safety, Procedural Optimization & Efficiency, and Sustainability.

What is Cruise Ship Tracking?

Cruise ship tracking is a technology that allows cruise lines to monitor their vessels in real time. AIS (Automatic Identification System) has become the standard for ship tracking, as it broadcasts the position of a vessel every few minutes. This data can be received by any receiver with an AIS system and can be used to track the progress of not only cruise ships but, other passenger vessels, cruise ferries, and even container ships. Modern vessel tracking allows authorities to see the positions of vessels in real-time. This might help you get a package on time or in the case of cruises, plan for any delays arriving in a port. Shore excursions can be re-scheduled if needed well before the day arrived if a delay due to weather or another incident occurred.

What benefits of Cruise Ship Tracker?

By using the AIS ship tracking system, you can gain valuable insights about cruise ships and other vessels. The real-time data received from the AIS system allows you to stay up to date on the current location of a cruise ship, its speed, and its heading. This is great for planning your own cruise itinerary or just staying informed on the progress

Types of Ships Listed

The cruise ship tracking system provides real-time data for all types of vessels, not just cruise ships. This data includes a wide variety of vessels such as cargo ships, pilots, yachts, passenger ferries and many more. This means that you can track any vessel that is using the AIS system and receive detailed information about its current location and route.

Other Types of Ships

The AIS system also provides real-time data for many other types of vessels. This includes yachts, fishing boats, tugboats, and other recreational vessels.

Wonder of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas at Coco Cay
Wonder of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas at Coco Cay

Popular Cruising Companies & Lines

The AIS ship tracking system can be used to track a wide variety of cruise lines and companies. Popular cruising companies such as the following:

This means you can keep up with the current location of your favorite cruise ship as it sails around the world. All modern cruise lines use the AIS system for fleet tracking to schedule port arrivals and make changes due to weather conditions in real time.

Safety and Security with Cruise Ship Tracker

The AIS ship tracking system provides an extra layer of security and safety for fleets. Not only can the system provide real-time data on the location of a vessel, but it also allows for quick response times to any potential emergencies that may arise. Cruise lines are able to use this data to better manage their fleets and respond quickly if necessary.

Environmental Benefits

The AIS ship tracking system can also provide environmental benefits. By monitoring the progress of vessels, cruise lines, and other fleets can better optimize their routes for fuel efficiency. This means that by using the AIS system, ships can reduce their fuel consumption and emissions, resulting in a greener fleet.

Viking Star
Viking Star

Can you track every cruise ship?

No, not every cruise ship can be tracked. Some cruise ships may not have an AIS system installed, and therefore cannot be tracked. Additionally, some countries may restrict the broadcast of AIS data for security or other reasons. For these reasons, it is essential to double-check the availability of AIS data before attempting to track a specific cruise ship.

United States Coast Guard Regulations

The United States Coast Guard requires all ships operating in US waters to have an AIS system installed. This means that all cruise ships visiting the United States must have an AIS system installed and active at all times. This requirement ensures that all vessels are visible and traceable while in US waters, allowing for improved safety and security.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, AIS ship tracking can be used to quickly locate and contact a vessel in distress. By using the system, search and rescue teams can quickly and accurately locate vessels in need of assistance. This can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Map Ship Tracking | 20
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View Vessel Photos

Vessel Photos are listed for most ships, in addition to providing real-time tracking data, the AIS system can also provide vessel photos. This allows you to quickly and easily identify any vessels in the vicinity of your chosen port. The photos can be used to check for damage or other irregularities before boarding a vessel. Other Great Ship Tracking Websites To Track Your Ship Accurately 1. Shipfinder 2. VesselFinder 3. myshiptracking 4. Cruisemapper 5. Ship location