Best Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Map Tracking

Best Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Map Tracking

        • Move your mouse or finger over the vessel for live data.
        • Click a ship for even more sailing details and real-time information.
        • Zoom in close enough and you’ll see the ship moving in real-time.

Live Cruise Ship Tracker

Here you can check the current location of where cruise ships are around the world. Feel free to use this real-time cruise ship tracker to know where your desired vessel is. You’ll be able to see if a cruise ship is docked in port, anchored and even live speed data in real time!

Cruise Ship Tracker
Cruise Ship Tracker Easily find and track your cruise ship

The Best Cruise Ship Tracker

AIS ship tracking is a great way to stay up-to-date on the location of cruise ships. By using the AIS system, you can track the progress of a ship as it travels from port to port. This information can be very useful for planning your own travel itinerary. Every cruise line tracks it’s ships.

Want to stay up-to-date on cruise ship locations?

The AIS system is a network of transponders that sends information about a ship’s location, course, and speed. This data can be used to track the progress of a cruise ship as it travels from port to port.

What Cruise Lines and Cruise Ships are tracked?

All of the world’s cruise lines use the AIS system to track each cruise ship in their fleet using real-time data. The helps large vessels like cruise ships and other know each other’s current location, speed, heading, routes and more. You can look up a specific cruise ship or even focus on a certain fleet from your favorite cruise line. Of course this system also can show many other vessels such as cargo ships, pilots, yachts, passenger ferries and many more.

AIS Cruise Ships Tracker

Today data from the AIS ship tracking system is available to stay informed on the locations of cruise ships and other vessels.

Modern Day Cruise Travel

Today people are cruising more and more. The cruise lines make a great effort to offer cruise passengers an enjoyable and safe experience. With AIS ship tracking the cruise lines can better manage their growing fleet. Cruise lines also have state-of-the-art fleet operation centers and that enable real-time information sharing between the centers and the fleet. The fleet operation centers focus on more than just the ships location but also Nautical Operations & Safety, Procedural Optimization & Efficiency and Sustainability.
Best Cruise Ship Tracker
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