MSC Euribia’s New Entertainment Experiences Promises To Delight

New shows and re-imagined venues will greet guests of all ages when the new MSC Euribia launches in June. MSC Cruises detailed some of the ship’s innovative experiences—including seven new productions and a fresh take on the iconic Carousel Lounge.

MSC Euribia’s New Entertainment

The fifth ship in the Meraviglia Class follows MSC Cruises’ history of developing fresh entertainment options for the whole family. Fun will be available around the clock, from the wide range of new games and activities during the day to dancing the night away with one of the largest big bands at sea.

“We are so excited to announce our fun-filled entertainment offerings on our much-anticipated new flagship, MSC Euribia. Entertainment is a fundamental part of MSC Cruises’ guest experience and we’re always looking for new, engaging ways to delight our guests of all ages. We strive to create exceptional and immersive concepts combined with varied entertainment programs to ensure that our guests will remember their cruise as the ultimate vacation experience.” said Steve Leatham, MSC Cruises’ Global Head of Entertainment.

The Carousel Lounge – Reinventing a classis space

The Carousel Lounge has been a hallmark of Meraviglia class ships since the first of them joined the fleet in 2017. MSC Euribia reimagines that space with a brand-new layout and even more options to entertain. The stunning aft lounge will extend outdoors for the first time, adding sea air to the venue’s already-incredible atmosphere and panoramic sea views.

This multi-functional space spans nearly 11,000 square feet, with two covered terraces allowing guests to unwind while enjoying an array of gourmet eats and drinks. During the day, guests can sit back and relax or join in on anything from table games and ballroom dancing. The party starts when the sun goes down and the music gets going, with different genres each night and weekly guest entertainers.

Big Band at Sea

Big Band at Sea, MSC Cruises’ newest entertainment concept, will be a spectacular nineteen-piece group of internationally acclaimed musicians and singers. Guests can expect three dazzling live performances each evening, transforming the space with new themes based on everything from rock to musicals. Visiting guest acts will join the band to delight guests with one-off concerts.

Seven Awe-Inspiring Theatre Shows

MSC Euribia’ Delphi Theatre will feature a complete seven-day program of stage shows for unmatched entertainment. No two evenings will be alike, as guest entertainers join in with unique performances alongside the incredible resident theater cast.

  • Circus 1920: A nostalgic look back into the magical world of the circus, featuring extraordinary death-defying specialty performers, a captivating ringmaster, fun dance routines, vintage costumes and incredible stage sets.
  • Generation Rock: This classic feel-good rock show features the greatest rock artists of all time, including hits from legends like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kiss, Journey and Queen.
  • Illuminicity: The best arcade game on the block. MSC Cruises’ most technical show yet will be set inside a video game, featuring a terrific cast with light-up costumes and interactive visuals to create breath-taking moments on stage. 
  • Jukebox L!ve: Showcasing the finest vocalists in a show all about Funk, Soul and Rock n’ Roll, this show draws inspiration from the full pop spectrum and is set in a fictional Las Vegas showroom. Audiences will know the words to every song and will be encouraged to join in singing hits performed in a modern style.
  • Song Book – Ed Sheeran: Celebrating Ed Sheeran, who started as a street performer and went on to sell out Wembley Stadium, the show will follow the ship’s own team of performers on their journey to stardom. Acrobats, living statues and hand balance artists bring the flavor of street performance to the big stage accompanied by a playlist of Sheeran’s hits. 
  • Variety: A spectacular show featuring guest entertainers, musicians and acrobats to showcase the ship’s incredible talent in a program that changes according to the audience, the ship’s destination and the time of year.
  • Guest Entertainers: Featuring top-level talent selected from around the world to perform one-off shows and wow guests.
MSC Euribia – A more sustainable cruising

To find out more about MSC Euribia, please click here.

MSC Euribia's New Entertainment Experiences Promises To Delight | 19
MSC Euribia's New Entertainment Experiences Promises To Delight | 19
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