5 Gambling Tech Trends in the Near Future

Online gambling has exploded in popularity recently. More and more casinos begin to feature new games and exciting bonuses to attract people from all over the world. It’s a glorious time for online gambling – but the chances are that you have asked yourself what does the future hold for iGaming? What kind of gambling tech trends will become implemented in the near future in the world of online gambling? Feel free to read our top 5 list on the subject at hand.

  • Multi-game suits. Playtech has recently unveiled the creation of their newest, most innovative slot game – Kingdoms Rise. This is not an ordinary slot as it tries to do something that was never before seen. The entire experience is spread in 4 different games – and they are all interconnected. This means that in one game you can get coins, and decide to spend them in another game. You can get a bonus function from the first game and implement it, for example, in the third. Playtech is on to something big here – and we feel that this will be a big tech trend that we’ll see more of in the near future.
  • VR. VR, standing for virtual reality, is one of the latest trends that have gotten a lot of hype in the gambling community. Many companies have started to implement this technology in their games. And the VR technology is not reserved just for table games like blackjack or poker, mind you. It can also be implemented in other kinds of games – and this is where one of the latest gambling tech trends is to be found.
  • Huge progressive jackpots. Every once in a while you hear of a game that has paid several millions of dollars as a progressive jackpot prize. Well, this needn’t be as rare as it is now – in the near future, huge progressive jackpots may be paid out to gamblers a lot more frequently. This is due to the fact that many companies begin to connect their games, creating a shared progressive prize pool. Every time a gambler bets, a small portion of the wager will go towards increasing the progressive jackpot. As more and more games get connected – we’ll see huge progressive jackpots being paid out a lot more often.
  • Cryptocurrency payments. The number of online casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments is steadily rising, but it’s no way near its peak. There are several reasons for this – and one of them is that the regulatory authorities don’t very much favor the idea of anonymity that cryptocurrencies offer. However, more and more online casinos will likely begin to adopt cryptocurrencies as valid payment methods in the near future – a tech trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • Providing skill-based games. There are people that believe that shouldn’t be all about blind luck. Many people would prefer to hone their skills and thus increase their winnings. And iGaming developers take note of this – making sure that they begin to put out gaming products that will put the gambler’s skill to the test.

So, by all means, while these are some of the most important gambling tech trends that you will get to see more of in the near future – the list is definitely not an exhaustive one. Only time will tell what the future will bring, but suffice it to say that the future of online gambling does look promising with all of the latest tech trends that we have on offer. For now, feel free to find your secure casino for mobile of your choice and preference and have fun witnessing the actualization of some of the top gambling tech trends yourself.

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