5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Russia

Visiting the biggest country in the world will probably be a crazy adventure, but there is much planning to do just to get there. Naturally, you will need to be attentive while preparing, but we hope our list will help! Just so you have a better idea of what to expect, here are the 5 things you should know before traveling to Russia. 

Check Your Visa

The first part of any planning, though probably the most vexing one, is getting the correct documentation. Russia requires visas from most countries in the world, except ones from South America and some of the Middle East and Asia. 

There are a few exceptions, for example, for children younger than the age of 16, or passengers traveling on cruise ships. In any way, you will have to check the requirements for your country carefully. Keep in mind that applying and obtaining a visa takes time, so when you decide on the date of your trip, take care of this as soon as possible. 

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Russia | 23
Travel Documents

Research The Types of Transportation

There is no way to explore Russia without the help of a vehicle. Luckily, the transportation system there is very well developed! Of course, you can rent a car to get more freedom of your time and places you wish to see, but public transport is a great choice too. 

If you like spending time on a train, there are many possibilities for you: you can hop on the high-speed trains, like the Sapsan train, or a regular one, which is slower but will still get you to your desired location. And of course, do not forget the famous Trans-Siberian railway, which is like another independent journey by itself.

Another exciting thing for you to try is Russian river cruises. Many routes are prepared for the tourists who wish to see the country from a different point of view while enjoying fine dining, entertainment, and a completely different way of traveling. 

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Russia | 23
You can take a Russian river cruise

Be Prepared For a Different Cuisine

Naturally, every country is unique in its traditional food, but we suggest researching what kind of meals you will be seeing when you get to Russia. Get rid of the stereotype that Russian cuisine is all bortsch and vodka. Instead, you will be able to try such things as pancakes with sour cream and salmon, caviar, or mushrooms—also, many different types of porridges and cold soups. 

Overall, the Russian rely heavily on religious traditions when it comes to food, so this might be a new experience for you. Be brave and curious; you might just end up liking all of it! 

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5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Russia | 23
Russian Pancakes

Take Care of Bookings and Money Exchange in Advance

Regarding bookings, we suggest you do that at your earliest convenience. And this includes more than just your housing. Take care of the tickets for sightseeing, transportation, make reservations, and buy things online. If you do that early, you will be guaranteed a seat, a place in the excursion group, and also, you will save money. Prices tend to jump higher the later you buy tickets to anywhere. 

In addition, it is always wise to have some cash on you. For taxis, markets, or any shops that might not have the ability to take credit cards. You can exchange your money before your travels so that you do not have to waste your time when you finally get there. 

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Russia | 23
Russian ruble

Plan an Itinerary 

When you do some research and set your mind on what type of sightseeing you want to do, you should write everything down to have a clear plan. Be acute and take your time – write down timetables, routes, expenses, tips. Have a full itinerary ready so that there are no unpleasant surprises during your trip. It will help you stay more organized, and you will be able to see much more, rather than going impromptu. 

Here you go! Just by knowing these 5 things, you are already more ready to travel to this magnificent country. So keep them in mind, do not rush, and before you know it – off to beautiful Russia! 

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