Are Cruise Ship Brawls Happening More Often?

Are cruise ship brawls becoming more and more common? In the past year alone, there have been a number of high-profile incidents involving passengers getting into physical altercations with each other.

Cruise Ship Brawls

What’s behind this increase in cruise ship violence? There are a few possible explanations.

More People Onboard

First, cruises are becoming increasingly popular vacation options, which means that more people are taking them. A cruise ship used to only have several hundred passengers now has thousands of passengers. With more people onboard, the opportunity for potential conflict also increases. Modern day cruise ship’s can hold up to six thousand passengers.

Too Much Alcohol?

Second, alcohol is often flowing with many guests purchasing drink packages on cruises. This can lead to passengers behaving in ways they wouldn’t normally behave. When people are drunk, they’re more likely to get into fights.

Letting Loose

Finally, many people take cruises as a way to let loose and have fun. But when people’s behavior gets out of control, it can lead to confrontations.

Carnival Elation Brawl

Carnival Elation has a brawl in early July 2022 onboard between guests. Here is a footage from the incident and the statement from the cruise line.

Carnival Legend Brawl

Back in February 2018 a family was alleged to have caused several incidents of melee onboard the Carnival Legend.

Carnival Magic Brawl

In early July the Carnival Magic also experienced a brawl that caused breaking news in New York city and created headlines for days with many speculating what caused the fight involving as many as 60 passengers?

A Peaceful Future?

Unfortunately these types of incidents are not limited to a single cruise line or a period of time. However, many have reported people being more angry and stressed since the start of COVID-19 pandemic. An example of this are the many recent incidents happening in airports and on onboard planes. Just like the cruise ships, these too were once places associated as less confrontational. Let’s hope this all becomes a bad memory and we can can get back to safe and fun experiences onboard your next cruise.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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