Best places to travel in the world

Travel has always excited the fabric of our being from the beginning of time. Today’s globalised and travel friendly world makes it easy to globetrot as far as the heart desires. While there may be many places you can add to your wish list of travel dreams, there are some destinations which you should add to the top of the list.

Some of the best places to travel in the world include world famous landmarks and historic wonders. Paris, France is one of these examples; where afternoons can be spend gazing at the clouds in the park under the Eifel Tower, or learning about history in one of the many museums. Paris is also a fantastic spot to visit the casino, but be sure to only visit these real money casinos as online gaming is illegal in France.

Another must-see travel zone is Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are all about the excitement of flashing lights and the buzz of constant city noise, go to Vegas to have the experience of a lifetime. The casinos are world renowned as the best place to gamble.

If you are looking for the greatest gambling success along with a unique cultural experience, Macau, China is the city of your wildest dreams. Macau features all the exciting aspects of Chinese life within the abidance of the law, unlike that of many other strict areas of China.

The chances of enjoying a trip and the possibility of winning big in these cities are so high you simply can’t miss out. No matter which travel destinations you choose, experiencing a different area of the world comes with unforgettable memories.

John Shallo
John Shallo
John Shallo is the founder and editor of Cruise Addicts. Since 1999 it has been a leading destination for cruise travelers and self professed Cruise Addicts looking for the latest news, ship reviews and travel tips.

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