Carnival Cruise Director Schedule 2023

Carnival Cruise Line has published a schedule of Cruise Directors for 2023 that includes a listing of who the cruise director is at a particular time. This schedule is available to the public and Carnival has stated it is updated regularly as changes are made.

Carnival Cruise Director Schedule

Carnival’s Brand Ambassador and Senior Cruise Director John Heald recently made a post and announced the latest cruise director assignments had been updated across the Carnival fleet, covering some ships well into 2023. The complete assignment listing for Carnival Cruise Director Schedule 2023 for all active Carnival ships is as follows:

Carnival Breeze Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
DUSTIN GABRIEL02/15/2023-04/24/2023
LAWRENCE WEST04/24/2023-08/28/2023
ALEX SIEGLER08/24/2023-11/02/2023
Carnival Cruise Director Schedule

Carnival Celebration Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
CHRIS WILLIAMS01/29/2023-04/02/2023
LEE MASON03/26/2023-07/30/2023
CHRIS WILLIAMS07/23/2023-09/09/2023
LEE MASON09/09/2023-07/07/2023
TJ PARTIDA06/25/2023-07/11/2023

Carnival Conquest Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
JASPER WADE01/29/2023-04/02/2023
ZACKARY PAIEMENT-DOCKRILL05/05/2023-09/22/2023

Carnival Dream Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
MARQ ANTHONY10/08/2022-03/11/2023
LEILANI ROSS03/05/2023-06/25/2023
SIMON LONDON06/17/2023-09/03/2023
LEILANI ROSS09/03/2023-01/13/2024

Carnival Elation Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
LIA STIVERS02/04/2023-05/20/2023
STJEPAN NERAL05/06/2023-08/31/2023

Carnival Freedom Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
GABRIEL COPPOLLA01/12/2023-05/08/2023
ANDREW MERCER05/04/2023-10/04/2023

Carnival Glory Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
JONATHAN “COOKIE” ADAMS02/19/2023-03/19/2023
AMBER CELEN03/12/2023-04/23/2023
JOHN LONEY04/23/2023-08/27/2023
JAKE MILLER08/20/2023-11/05/2023

Carnival Horizon Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
JACKY TANG01/15/2023-03/26/2023
JONATHAN “COOKIE” ADAMS03/26/2023-08/13/2023
JONATHAN “COOKIE” ADAMS11/05/2023-02/03/2024

Carnival Legend Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
CAM CHAVIS10/09/2022-03/19/2023
ALEX SIEGLER03/12/2023-06/04/2023
CAM CHAVIS06/04/2023-10/22/2023

Carnival Liberty Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
ADAM GILBERT10/03/2022-03/20/2023
ADRIAAN VAN WYK03/13/2023-05/12/2023
ADAM GILBERT05/22/2023-06/30/2023

Carnival Luminosa Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
SIMON LONDON09/14/2022-04/13/2023
JACKY TANG04/02/2023-05/11/2023
NEIL MACMILLAN05/04/2023-09/14/2023
SIMON LONDON09/08/2023-11/19/2023
ADAM GILBERT11/12/2023-01/21/2024

Carnival Magic Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
LOUIS CLARE05/06/2023-07/08/2023
DUSTIN GABRIEL07/02/2023-11/12/2023

Carnival Mardi Gras Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
CHRIS “DONKEY” SALAZAR01/07/2023-03/18/2023
KYNDALL FIRE03/18/2023-07/29/2023
JACKY TANG07/01/2023-07/07/2023
TJ PARTIDA07/12/2023-07/26/2023

Carnival Miracle Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
FELIPE SERRINA DO COUTO02/09/2023-08/03/2023
LOUIS CLARE07/24/2023-11/25/2023

Carnival Panorama Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
MARTY ANDREW01/21/2023-05/27/2023
CHRIS WILLIAMS05/20/2023-07/22/2023
MARTY ANDREW07/18/2023-11/26/2023

Carnival Paradise Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
TODD EVANS02/16/2023-06/12/2023
AMBER CELEN06/08/2023-08/13/2023

Carnival Pride Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
FRANKIE PORTERA10/30/2022-03/12/2023
JOSEPH BOYES03/04/2023-04/29/2023
FRANKIE PORTERA05/22/2023-11/12/2023

Carnival Radiance Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
ALEX SIEGLER01/03/2023-03/10/2023
CHRISTIAN “DEON” WILLIAMS03/10/2023-10/13/2023

Carnival Spirit Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
ERIN WEIGAND01/22/2023-06/13/2023
JAKE MILLER06/06/2023-08/15/2023

Carnival Splendor Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
ANDREW MERCER01/25/2023-03/28/2023
SAVANNAH MITCHELL03/28/2023-08/10/2023
ADAM GILBERT07/31/2023-11/11/2023

Carnival Sunrise Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
TYLER MEEHAN11/10/2022-03/25/2023
NEIL MACMILLAN03/16/2023-05/01/2023
GEORGIA CRAIG04/22/2023-07/24/2023
TYLER MEEHAN07/16/2023-09/09/2023
GEORGIA CRAIG09/09/2023-12/11/2023
Cruise Director Leon Smith
Cruise Director Leon Smith

Carnival Sunshine Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
LEON SMITH12/05/2022-04/06/2023
JAMES LOVE04/01/2023-08/10/2023
JASPER WADE08/05/2023-10/14/2023
JAMES LOVE10/14/2023-TBD

Carnival Valor Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
AUSTIN MORRIS02/20/2023-05/15/2023
AMBER CELEN02/16/2023-03/11/2023
TYLER MEEHAN05/01/2023-07/15/2023
JASPER WADE10/16/2023-01/04/2024

Carnival Vista Cruise Directors

Cruise DirectorSign On / Off
LOUIS CLARE11/12/2022-03/11/2023
TJ PARTIDA03/04/2023-06/24/2023
LEON SMITH06/17/2023-07/29/2023
TJ PARTIDA07/29/2023-11/10/2023


The Cruise Directors assignments and schedule is subject to change as the needs aboard different ships change. Schedules often overlap with another Cruise Director at the beginning and end assignments. This allows the new Cruise Directors to become accustomed to a new ship, and learn what activities and entertainment the ship offers.

The schedules are fluid and many popular cruise directors are not currently on the assignment schedule. Often this only means they may currently be on vacation leave or haven’t finalized a contract commitment yet.

This schedule can change frequently, and if you want to sail with a particular cruise director, you should check the schedule regularly to learn where your favorite cruise director may be assigned.

Seuss a palooza
Seuss a palooza

What does a Carnival Cruise Director do?

On a Carnival Cruise the Cruise Director is the most visible and also “the voice” of the ship giving many of the public announcements. The Cruise Directors often are seen hosting events like deck parties, gameshows, and more. They also help keep guests informed about what’s happening on the ship during the cruise.

Carnival Cruise Directors On Social Media

You can also keep in touch with your favorite Carnival Cruise Director via Social Media:

Jasper Wade
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Lawrence West
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Lee Mason (Lee Your Cruise Director) 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Chris Williams (The Flying Scotsman) 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Marq Anthony 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Alex Siegler 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

James Love
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Andrew (Andy) Mercer 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Christian De La Rosa
Instagram Page: Click Here

Jonathan Adams (Cruise Director Cookie) 
Public Facebook Page:  Click Here

Jacky Tang
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Cam Chavis
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here
Adam Gilbert 
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Simon London
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Ryan Rose
Public Instagram Page: ​Click Here

Chris (Donkey) Salazar
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Kyndall Fire
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Georgia Craig
​Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Christian Deon Williams
Public Instagram Page: Click Here

Erin Weigand 
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Melessa Durrant
​Public Instagram Page: Click Here

TJ Partida
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Leon Smith
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

Savannah Mitchell
Public Facebook Page: Click Here

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