Cruise Photos: Good Reason To Follow The Advice Of Pros

When we travel via cruise ship, those magnificent vessels take us to places that are the stuff of dreams for many.  Finally there, we want to capture the moment on film with a few photos of the iconic destination, perhaps with us in those shots as well.  It’s a way to let the fabulous moment live on forever, or at least until we return to the real world, as pale as it may be in comparison.  Reading a number of travel blogs specific to travel photography, I’ve come away with some favorite sources over the years; trusted pros that actually know what they are doing with the business end of a camera.  Rob Comeau is one of those guys.

Met somewhere along the way while reporting different events specific to Princess Cruises and HollandCruise Compete America Line, I was impressed with Rob’s expertise in the area of photography…but that does not take much.  With no formal training in the art, I have been stumbling around cameras for decades, as have most people who preferred the point and shoot version as their go to camera of choice.  I believe it was Holland America Line’s Dancing with the Stars: At Sea a couple years ago that brought a wake up call to just how good this guy is.  That he focuses a lot of his photographic energy on cruise-related events is a plus.

We’ve kept in touch over the years, Rob sharing an occasional gem of photographic wisdom with me understanding some things or just nodding as if I did to other suggestions.  On a recent sailing of Viking Cruises new Viking Star, I had the opportunity to shoot the culinary team aboard the ship, dressed in their chef whites.


Actually, to me, it was shooting the culinary team in their (OMG!) chef whites, as I have always struggled with the white balance of subjects, especially white-colored ones.  Still, my original photo played well and received a lot of attention.  I was almost feeling good about it when Rob sent me an instant message via Twitter saying, “Let me fix that for you” and came back with this new, fixed version


The point here is to never stop learning.  Often I am a bit perplexed and have said “Enough with this live and learn thing already. Is there ever a time when that stops??”  Nope, that’s a process that continues until our last breath.  Thankfully.

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Chris Owen
Chris Owen
Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida who shares frank, inside information about cruise vacations with fellow Cruise Addicts.

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