Cruising in Bali – the ideal honeymoon for travel enthusiasts

A wedding can be quite exciting, being for many couples the most memorable and special moment in their lives, but all the planning involved can also get overwhelming and tiring and a well-deserved honeymoon can help you recharge your batteries and start off your marriage on the right foot. However, one of the things you will need to do is pick a location. Perhaps you and your spouse are the types of travelers that enjoy leisure and relaxation, but want to take advantage of the time you have off-work to also discover places you haven’t seen and engage in interesting activities. Bali has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in recent year, and considering its breathtaking scenery, it’s understandable why. While you might be drawn by the beauty of this location, you may be wondering if besides swimming and sunbathing, you have anything else to do. Well, Bali is known for the variety of cruises that tourists can partake during their stay there, which allow a complete exploration of this Indonesian island’s fauna and flora. Here are the cruises that might draw your interest:

Dolphin watching tour

You count possibly leave Bali without getting the chance to admire the beautiful dolphins playing around in the crystal clear waters. The dolphin watching tour is one of the most popular activities among Bali tourists, so taking this type of cruise yourself will certainly make your honeymoon more fun and interesting. The tour starts at the widely known Lovina beach, where coral reefs and black sand can also be spotted. If you and your spouse are wildlife enthusiasts and love nature and adventures, you should certainly book your spot on such a tour. Seeing dolphins is their natural habitat can be quite the unique experience, so make sure you don’t skip on this opportunity.

Dining on a wooden boat cruise – the traditional way

If you want to get a glimpse of the traditional cruising format, you should think about reserving a dinner tour on a Bali wooden boat. This type of cruise will give you the chance to enjoy dinner with your spouse in a romantic and lovely setting. Sailing through the water of the Bali coastline will certainly make your evening extremely enjoyable, and with such impressive surroundings, the odds are, your food will also taste better. Unusually, wooden boat tours last somewhere around three hours, so there’s more than enough time to experience an interesting and memorable evening. Besides the buffet meal that puts at your disposal sufficient dish options for every taste, the atmosphere will be improved through traditional Indonesian music, and of course, dancing. This option is particularly suitable for honeymooners who wish to benefit from a romantic night, but are also interested in culture and tradition. You can request info on this type of cruise at any Bali honeymoon resorts. Dining will be an entirely different experience, this type, so you shouldn’t miss out.

Lembongan Island Cruise

Want to dedicate at least one day of your vacation to adventure and discovery? If so, you should direct your attention towards a Lembongan Island cruise. Lembongan Island is one of the areas in Bali that draw most interest, and the beauty of the scenery itself isn’t the only thing that makes such a cruise a great option. You can spend the day sunbathing on a golden sand beach, but also experience a bit of thrill and adventure by partaking in the wide variety of watersports available. From banana boat rides and kayaking, to snorkeling and even fishing, you and your spouse can engage in various fun and exciting activities, depending on your personal preferences. Take a Lembongan Island cruise, and you will be getting the unique chance of discovering the island’s aquatic wilderness and all its mesmerizing appeal.

Dinner cruise at sunset

Perhaps the idea of going on a dinner cruise during your Bali honeymoon might appeal to you, but the option mentioned above, that involves a tradition wooden boat may not be exactly for your liking. Well, there are other possibilities available as well, so you can find a dinner cruise offer that actually comes with the luxury setting and characteristics you might be seeking. A sunset dinner cruise will allow you to dine in style with your loved one in the most romantic environment. Besides the delicious food and, of course, the natural breathtaking surroundings, you can also enjoy cultural performances and dance shows, all topped by live music. Romantic, relaxing, and fun are all things that a Bali dinner cruise at sunset will offer you. You can even surprise your spouse and book the cruise yourself – the gesture will certainly be appreciated.

Island hopping cruise

Because there are a variety of places around Bali that are certainly worth discovering and exploring why not take advantage of the opportunity, and go on a Islands hopping cruise that include various Islands around Bali. Starting from Nusa Penida, and up to Ceningan Island, the entire day, you will be cursing from one amazing place onto the other for a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience. The great part about this cruise is that you can be picked up and dropped at your exact resort, and the cruise might also come with other included activities, such as canoeing or flying fish. You will certainly not have the chance to get bored even for a minute.  

Choosing a honeymoon destination can be a bit difficult, considering both you and your partner need to agree on the perfect place, and there are a few aspects that need to be thought through. If both of you like exploring new surroundings, but want to enjoy a relaxing and romantic trip at the same time, Bali might be the ideal option. You can combine full relaxation with interesting cruises that will give you the opportunity to create some wonderful, long-lasting memories. The suggestions mentioned here might help you decide whether this is the right honeymoon option for you or not.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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