Cruising the East Coast and Beyond

It may not be the starting point for your cruise – or the final destination – but any good trip that takes in the eastern coast of the US will pass the delights of Rhode Island – and may even stop in the wonderful Newport Harbor.

Passengers regularly discover the beauty of this region en route to places like Miami and Greenland. The Rhode Island sports betting apps will look to entice your business while in the area, but there are plenty of other attractions for anyone looking to enjoy the Classic Coast and beyond.

Cruising the East Coast
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South to Miami

Boston is the big coastal city in these parts and it is the perfect place to start off a sun-drenched trip to Florida. There are a number of cruises that set off from this Massachusetts city, taking in the delights of the New England coastline before heading further out to sea.

You could include a sojourn to the Caribbean on your trip to Miami as well. Cruises island hop through the area before making their way around the western tip of Cuba and ending the adventure on the high seas in Miami. That sounds like a cruise that has just about everything you would ever want!

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North to Greenland and Iceland

Celebrity Cruises will whisk you away to the northern lights on its Greenland and Iceland cruise. Although there is no stopping in Rhode Island on this one, you will get to see the beautiful harbor pretty soon after setting off from Cape Liberty, New Jersey. Maybe there will be a chance to check out the place before embarking?

This cruise makes its first port of call in Halifax, Nova Scotia before moving on to St John’s in Newfoundland. The seaside communities are picture postcard perfect and only hint at the isolated beauty of Greenland and Iceland that lies ahead on this two-week cruise.

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Exploring New England and More

Norwegian are well acquainted with the scenic beauty of the coast of the US and Canada and regularly take cruising fans for week-long trips from ports of departure like New York, heading north into the quieter stretches of the US and Canadian coastline.

Some of these cruises will be dedicated to exploring the New England coastline, but others will go further into French-speaking Canada and visit Quebec City. But for an even more authentic Gallic experience, the two-week cruises pass through Rhode Island and Nova Scotia and head on to the French territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon before finishing across the Atlantic in Iceland.

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If your cruise does stop in Newport you will not be disappointed

Newport Harbor

There are plenty of destinations that get more press than Newport Harbor, but any cruise along the eastern seaboard of the United States will, at the very least, pass the delights of this summer resort town. Located around 30 miles south of Boston, Newport is the main port in a beautiful set of waterways that act as a starting point to Rhode Island.

Watersports are unsurprisingly a big thing here and the America’s Cup held every challenge from 1930 to 1983 on its idyllic waters. With seasonal tourism and marinas attracting thousands of visitors each year, a cruise stop here or nearby could allow for an unexpected New England adventure.

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Cruise to New Adventures

We probably don’t have to sell cruising as a pastime (or maybe a lifestyle!) to our readers. But there is always something – and somewhere – new to discover when you step aboard a liner. Rhode Island may not be the first destination that comes to mind, for example. But hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas.

That’s why a cruise is so much more than the luxury of the vessel you are travelling on. The places and the people you meet, both on and off the ship, are what make this kind of holiday special. A cruise will give you memories that will last forever and inspire you to look ahead to the next time you can discover even more.

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