Embarkation Cities: Arriving Early

For many cruisers, arriving the day of embarkation seems to be the easiest and most affordable option. While you may be able to save a few bucks by skipping a night in a hotel, “day of” cruisers are missing out on exploring and relaxing in their embarkation city.

Experience A New City

By arriving early in your embarkation city, you can take advantage of the city’s culture, dining scene, nightlife, and in some areas – the beaches. Each embarkation city has a number of areas and attractions to explore, so why not extend your vacation by turning an early arrival into a day trip to a new city?

Relaxation and Easy Embarkation

By arriving early, it’s easy to sit back and relax. Once you’ve arrived, there is no pressure to make it to the cruise terminal, drop off the car, or arrange transportation. Arriving early grants you the opportunity to truly slow down and mentally prepare yourself for your upcoming cruise. What could beat lounging by your hotel pool prior to embarking on a tropical cruise?

Don’t Miss The Ship!

So you’ve booked a flight from New York to Fort Lauderdale for the day of embarkation. You arrive at the airport early, settle in at the gate, and wait in confidence as you know your flight arrives 3 hours before embarkation closes. Hold up! Your inbound aircraft is late arriving from Los Angeles. 5 hour delay. Your ship has sailed. For those who fly into their embarkation city, traveling the day prior to embarkation will most likely ensure you will never miss your ship. All it can take to miss the ship is a small delay or a cancelled flight. Avoid the hassle, arrive early.

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