Essential Items To Pack For Your Cruise

When it comes time to pack for your cruise, there is no doubt that you won’t forget to pack your clothes, toiletries, electronics, and your cruise documents. However, there a few items that cruisers tend to overlook that are a true must have once you are at sea. Here is my short list of necessary items that you shouldn’t forget to set sail with.

 Wrinkle Removing Spray

This new spray is pretty “fresh” on the market and has received generally positive reviews across the boards. Basically, it’s a spray that once applied to a piece of clothing, allows you to smooth out the wrinkles in your suitcase wrinkled clothes. Many cruise ships do not offer complimentary ironing rooms, but unless you plan on paying for your clothes to be pressed, this new spray will help you look your finest for formal evenings.

Home Craft Supplies

Pens, sharpies, tape, scissors – you name it! Home craft supplies can come in handy during your cruise for many purposes. With pens and sharpies, you can write your children’s names on their souvenir cups, you can use tape to post a note on the back of your cabin door for your cabin mate, and you might even need scissors to cut off an elusive price tag from your new formal evening wear. Home craft supplies can be very useful for in cabin use and can make your cruise more enjoyable when you’re not walking around the ship with a hole in your new shirt from the tag you had to pull off.

 A Clock

While time isn’t a major concern for most cruisers, it is nice to be able to know what time the Lido party begins at. Most cruise lines do not provide clocks in the staterooms, so it would useful to either bring one from home or download a clock app for your smart phone. If an alarm function is available, you can use it to make sure you wake up when you would like to begin your day aboard or in port. Just make sure your clock stay’s in the time zone your ship has chosen to follow!

Everyday Medication

Do you have a headache? Well get ready to pay big bucks for the smallest bottle of Ibuprofen, which happens to be the 500 count bottle. While many ships carry basic medication in their shops, they usually only carry large quantities of the medication. So, while you may need only 1 or 2 tablets of Ibuprofen, you will end up paying for about 100 tablets. Bringing small quantities of everyday medication such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tums, Pepto Bismol, and Dramamine will save you money in the event you may need medicinal aid while at sea. For cruisers who are on prescription medication, bring the necessary amount of medication you will need while onboard. Odds are that the onboard shops won’t sell Ibuaspirintumpeptolactate or any other (not made up) prescription drugs.

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