Everyday Products To Bring On Your Cruise Vacation

As travel gear goes, there are plenty of places to find helpful suggestions on what to bring along on any given trip. Friends might suggest a must-bring item.

Items To Bring On Your Cruise

Those who make travel gear surely want us to think theirs is something we need. Cruise lines themselves often have suggested packing lists. Take a spin around the Internet and there seems to be no limit to the ideas available. But what do we really need?

A First Aid Kit

Sure, ocean cruise ships have fully-equipped medical centers that boast emergency room-quality care. But what about a minor cut? A Band-Aid would be nice to have handy. For such minor medical situations I have a small Ziploc bag with a few bandages and other basic medical products.

Scotch Tape

A roll of Scotch tape comes in unbelievably handy on a cruise vacation. Not to undermine the wonders of highly-suggested Duct Tape, the universal cure-all for everything from hemming a dress to fixing luggage. I brought that along for years and never used it. Scotch tape I use every trip, if for nothing more than taping shore excursion tickets, vouchers and other “I will need this shortly” items on a stateroom mirror.

A Dental Repair Kit

This takes up an unbelievable small amount of space but can be a lifesaver that will temporarily repair lost fillings and loose caps. At a price of less than $3 at any drug store, this is one you may never use but will be glad you have if needed. It’s also a good one to have around at home in case of a dental emergency.


While fabulous food is available nearly all the time on a cruise when things get clogged up, having Imodium along for the ride can be helpful. Adding a preventative antacid product to your daily regimen when Crème Brulee is not something you have everyday is smart too.

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes

Get the big size that offers the best value then peel off a dozen or so sheets, fold in half and put in a Ziploc bag. They’ll stay moist until needed, take up less space than packages disinfectant wipes and cost about a fourth the price.

pet photos
Don’t forget to bring your pet photos to show your new friends.


Not really a product but something always found at home that would come in handy on a trip, pet photos. On nearly every trip, the topic of ‘pets’ comes up and fellow travelers start pulling out the photos of their dog or cat to share. Without fail, I never seemed to have one with me until I made sure several were included in my smartphone photo library.

Chris Owen
Chris Owenhttp://www.ChrisCruises.net
Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida who shares frank, inside information about cruise vacations with fellow Cruise Addicts.

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