Explora Journeys Partners with Renowned Chef Mauro Uliassi

Explora Journeys, the luxury lifestyle brand of the MSC Group, is proud to announce its partnership with world-renowned Italian chef Mauro Uliassi to curate a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for guests onboard EXPLORA I. Guests can experience the menu from the Maiden Journey commencing on July 17 until the arrival in New York on September 25, 2023. As the first guest chef at Anthology, one of 11 culinary experiences onboard, Chef Uliassi and his team will showcase an artful blend of tradition and modernity in Italian cuisine.

Partners with Renowned Chef Mauro Uliassi

Partners with Renowned Chef Mauro Uliassi
Chef Mauro Uliassi

Chef Mauro Uliassi is renowned for his innovative and inventive approach to Italian cuisine, and his culinary creations have earned him worldwide acclaim. He gained three Michelin stars at his restaurant Uliassi in Senigallia near Ancona on the Adriatic coast in Italy.

Uliassi’s cuisine reflects his passion for the sea and his deep respect for the environment, as he celebrates the unique flavors and textures of the ocean, making him a perfect fit for Explora Journeys’ ethos of sustainable and locally sourced dining experiences, while creating a culinary “Ocean State of Mind”

Chef Mauro Uliassi
Chef Mauro Uliassi

“We are thrilled to welcome Chef Uliassi onboard EXPLORA I and offer our guests the opportunity to indulge in his truly exceptional culinary creations. Balancing contemporary techniques and creativity with a deep respect for regional culinary history, our chefs have one aim: to enhance the memories that guests take with them long after their journey has ended.” said, Jason Gelineau, Head of Product, Explora Journeys.

EXPLORA I’s Anthology Restaurant

EXPLORA I’s Anthology restaurant is defined as a culinary stage for guest chefs to curate menus in collaboration with Franck Garanger, Explora Journeys’ Head of Culinary, showcasing global cuisines, along with wine pairings by illustrious winemakers for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Set in sophisticated, refined elegance, with the opportunity to dine al fresco, lower light levels, and flawless service create an intimate yet elevated atmosphere.

“I am excited to collaborate with Explora Journeys and to bring my culinary creations to the guests onboard EXPLORA I. Having known the group for many years, this collaboration truly is close to my heart. It is a unique opportunity to showcase my interpretation of Italian cuisine and celebrate the beauty and sustainability of the sea. Inspired by the endless treasures of the ocean, I look forward to creating a truly multi-sensory experience for guests dining at Anthology.” said, Chef Mauro Uliassi.

Guests onboard EXPLORA I can expect a carefully crafted menu that showcases the best of Chef Uliassi’s creations, using only the freshest and finest ingredients sourced primarily from local producers.

Explora Journeys continues to redefine luxury ocean travel, and the partnership with Chef Mauro Uliassi is just another step towards providing guests with exceptional and immersive experiences. Explora Journeys will offer today’s discerning luxury traveler an opportunity to experience a truly transformative and purposeful ocean travel experience, reflecting both the essence of each destination visited as well as the brand’s cosmopolitan and vibrant European luxury.

Dining at Anthology

Dining at Anthology is a one-of-a-kind experience enabling discovery and enrichment, and is not part of the inclusive culinary experiences. Tasting menu – EUR 190 ($210) per person. Wine pairing – EUR 75 ($82) per person.

The naming ceremony for EXPLORA I will take place in Civitavecchia near Rome, Italy on July 8, followed by her Maiden Journey departing on July 17 from Southampton, UK for a 15-night sailing into Norwegian fjords and the Arctic Circle to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Get To Know Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is the privately-owned luxury lifestyle brand of the MSC Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, created at the heart of Swiss luxury hospitality. The brand stems from the owners’ long-held vision to redefine the ocean experience for a new generation of discerning luxury travellers, drawing on the family`s 300 years of maritime heritage. The brand’s aspiration is to create a unique ‘Ocean State of Mind’ by connecting guests with the sea, with themselves, and like-minded others, while remarkable itineraries will blend renowned destinations with lesser-travelled ports, for a journey that inspires discovery in all its forms.

A fleet of six ships, two of which are under construction, will be launched from 2023 to 2028. Equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies, Explora Journeys will introduce a new style of transformative ocean travel. EXPLORA I offers 461 oceanfront suites, penthouses and residences designed to be ‘Homes at Sea’ for our guests, all with sweeping ocean views, private terrace, a choice of eleven distinct culinary experiences, across six vibrant restaurants plus in-suite dining, twelve bars and lounges, (eight indoor and four outdoor) Chef`s Kitchen, four swimming pools, extensive outdoor decks with private cabanas, wellness facilities, and refined entertainment. Inspired by the company`s European heritage, Explora Journeys will provide guests with an immersive ocean experience respectful and intuitive hospitality.

To learn more about Explora Journeys, visit explorajourneys.com

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