Five Reasons Why A Carnival Cruise May Very Well Be Your Best Cruise Vacation Value

Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest cruise line in the world, annually sailing more families, more seniors and more everything in-between than any other cruise line on the planet. One of a host of nicely differentiated Carnival Corporation brands, Carnival Cruise Lines recently positioned their latest effort, Carnival Sunshine at the port of New Orleans, adding a second ship sailing from the Big Easy. Right now, across the board, for any cruise traveler, a Carnival cruise is a best value vacation.

Coming Off A Round Of Negative Publicity

A while ago, it was as though Mr Bad Luck had Carnival’s number and was calling frequently. But from technical problems with Carnival vessels has come a comprehensive fleet review and implementation of what will be an industry-leading ship maintenance program that goes as far as pollution scrubbers that have environmentalists drooling.

Also coming off that round of negative publicity: fabulous fares. Don’t expect them to last forever but right now, Carnival has some of the lowest prices offered in recent memory.

A Diverse Fare Qualifying System

Carnival considers more factors that could result in a lower fare more frequently than any other cruise line. Already competitively priced, Carnival ship fares are fair with a high percentage of passengers rating their experience high and exceeding their expectations.

Almost always available:

  • Past Guests Almost Always Come Out Better– Carnival almost always has a deal for their VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) passengers that brings a lower price and the maximum in-category upgrade
  • Military Members Honored Year-Round- What other cruise lines offer from time to time to fill up ships, Carnival has all the time. Discounted rates for those who serve or have served are some of the lowest offered.
  • Highly- Discounted Third/Fourth guest rates- While all cruise lines discount third/fourth guests in a cabin, Carnival’s discount is more generous. Only Costa Cruises (where kids sail free) discounts more than Carnival.
  • Everyday Low Prices- Booking at the last minute, cruise travelers can find low rates on a number of lines. Looking at Carnival pricing, day in and day out, we find the lowest fares when looked at on a $ per person, per day view.

Got Kids? Carnival Has You Covered

Carnival Cruise Line’s award-winning youth program that includes branded age-appropriate experiences for different age groups continues to evolve. Camp Carnival offers tons of activities designed for children in three different age groups: 2 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years, and 9 to 11 years.

Hate Kids? Carnival Has You Covered

Adults only areas of the ship are quiet or have the sounds of others having fun masked by fountains, walls and location.

On The Verge Of Something Big

Coming up next month, Carnival will launch a new initiative, said to be a follow up to their re-defining Funship 2.0 initiative. Stay tuned on that. A big announcement coming up in December should tell the story and we’ll bring you that information as it happens.

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