Five tips for making the most of an Antarctic cruise

Embarking on an Antarctica cruise is not a trip that should be taken lightly. Besides the extreme cold temperatures that you’ll no doubt be preparing for with all manner of insulated coats, specialist boots and cosy headwear, there’s also the fact that this far-flung continent is full of such varied and wonderful wildlife, amazing landscape and the opportunity for adventure is always just around the corner.

If you’re considering embarking on an amazing Antarctica cruise, then you might like our five tips for making the most out of your adventure.

Antarctica cruise

See the wonderful wildlife!

It should go without saying: see the wildlife! The wildlife in Antarctica is incredible, it truly must be seen to be believed. From the range of penguins you’ll encounter on land (including the long-tailed Gentoo penguin, right through to the rare Adélie penguin), to the breath-taking marine life, such as the mysterious humpback whale, the striking orca or the muscular and athletic leopard seal – there’s plenty of wildlife in this vibrant region of the world.

Discover the breath-taking landscape

Whilst on the lookout for wildlife on your polar adventure, don’t forget to look at what’s right in front of you, right beneath your feet and across the edge of the horizon. Put simply, the scenery in Antarctica is simultaneously stunning, serene and blissful.

From sparkling, glistening waters, to natural ice-arches and crisp, untouched plains that stretch as far as the eye can see, we’ve only got one piece of advice: bring a camera!

Antarctica cruise

Go where no one has gone before

As you’re drifting through the seas and along the famous Drake’s Passage, you’ll find yourself with a feeling familiar to most explorers and travellers. That feeling that you’re going beyond the norm, witnessing something that many will never get to see beyond magazines and television.

Of course the continent of Antarctica has long been explored for many decades now, but much of it has only been mapped by satellite, and it’s that feeling of excitement and mystery that constantly floods your veins as you embark on your own adventure of exploration – who knows what you’ll discover!

Take an excursion to go further across the continent

Once on-land, or at least in the area on board your cruise ship, you may wish to explore the area further.

Many cruise operators with Antarctica tours offer a variety of excursions, which can be anything from helicopter tours to land tours.

But why bother, you ask? Why would you need to step off your luxury cruise ship and get up-close and personal with the harsh, extreme environment? Because it’s in those up-close and personal moments that you can truly experience Antarctica’s beauty.  After all, when you’re gliding under the deep, indigo sea inside a submarine, like on certain luxury Antarctica cruises, you can’t help but be amazed.

Cruise Compete

Make memories that will last a lifetime

The goal of any Antarctica trip is to make memories that will last a lifetime, and in this region, it’s impossible not to. From the unmissable wildlife, through to the strikingly serene landscapes and otherworldly excursions, an Antarctic cruise is unlike anything else on planet Earth.

Good luck on your polar expedition cruise!

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