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Calgon is in big trouble if there is a tray in my cabin! If not, I'll just order room service....


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You will adjust very readily. We, too, have sailed with RC and Carnival a couple times. We took our first HAL on the Pacific Coast last fall. Absolutely delightful. They are not all that fancy compared to any other formal nights on the other cruise lines. We did the "Open Dining" and totally loved being with different cruisers each night and going to eat when it fit into our schedules. As far as anything to do on the ship, what do you normally do? My DH likes to gamble, we go to play Bingo, go to the shows, go to the Culinary Arts interactive shows, work out at the fitness center, visit different musical areas, the library, watch DVD's, enjoy the scenery from our Balcony Room, enjoy being together and just relax! We loved the upgraded treatment from our room stewards, champagne on arrival... we felt special compared to our experience on the other lines. You'll adjust easily... and wear a suit and tie for formal nights if you don't already own a tux.