How a Cruise Might Be the Best Business Incentive Ever

When you are an entrepreneur at the helm of your own business, you have many different priorities that must be seen to on a regular basis. One of these priorities involves the productivity with which your employees are able to work so as to provide the highest output possible. 

Finding the Ideal Incentive 

There are many ways in which you can go about inspiring and encouraging your team to be more productive. From creating the optimal work environment for them to succeed to maintaining a high level of communication across all channels, high productivity levels are certainly achievable. Incentives can also play a key role in your ability to bring about increased productivity at your company.

Finding the right incentives to help bring about the level of productivity you are after can be tricky. Bonuses tend to be a crowd favorite, but you might wish to go above and beyond simple financial compensation. Many entrepreneurs have realized that there is indeed one incentive that can go a long way to increasing productivity and bringing about a better overall sense of morale at your company: cruises.

If you are currently looking to find the perfect incentive to offer your team, read on to discover how a cruise might just be the best business incentive ever.


One of the first things that you need to consider when choosing a business incentive for your employees is affordability. Remember that incentives are meant to increase your profits, not drain them. When it comes to events in general as incentives, cruises are on average 30% more affordable than comparable events on land.

You can also easily track your expenses of corporate travel online by working with experts so that you can keep tabs on the overall spending involved with this incentive. In the end, you will wind up with happy, more productive employees who are able to enjoy this amazing reward for their efforts without hurting your bottom line.

Moreover, when you book a cruise, things like food, accommodations, and certain forms of entertainment are all included together as a packaged deal. This means that you can offer your employees a truly worthwhile incentive that comes with all the bells and whistles at no extra cost to you.


There was once a time when going on a cruise meant that you more or less had to cut yourself off from the real world for a while. A lack of strong internet connectivity and cell service that was spotty at best made it difficult to stay connected with the mainland. These days, though, business people are able to stay connected even when enjoying themselves at sea.

Most major cruise lines offer a strong internet connection that can be accessed by your team as and when they need it. This makes a cruise an ideal place for business seminars and team-building exercises so that you can help improve your team while they enjoy their time at sea. You can even reserve conference rooms and audio-visual equipment for such purposes.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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