Kids call bull$#!+ on Virgin Voyages’ “No Kids” policy

Once upon a time, Sir Richard Branson dreamed of creating an exclusively adult cruising experience that would come to be known as Virgin Voyages. Little did he know that his enterprising grandkids would petition dear ‘ole grandad to change the “No Kids” policy. They just want a chance to board his ships and experience the incredible food, entertainment and fun he talked so fondly of. 

Kids call bull$#!+ on Virgin Voyages' “No Kids” policy | 12
Lick Me Till Ice Cream aboard Virgin Voyages’ NEW Valiant Lady

An Inclusive, Adult Experience

Virgin Voyages will offer incredible value for its Sailors with all restaurants, group fitness classes, soft drinks, and many more Virgin surprises included within the voyage fare. Scarlet Lady will sail from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020, hosting more than 2,770 sailors and 1,160 amazing crew from around the world. Keep watch on for more updates.


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John Shallo
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