Let The Games Begin! While You Cruise

Whether going solo, with friends, your spouse or as a family, cruise ships are a great idea for a vacation. Today more than ever, cruise ships are getting bigger and more innovative, or basically floating amusement parks and shopping malls. Their destinations are awe-inspiring and offer many exciting experiences once you arrive to them. It’s what you can do on the boat, where you’ll be spending the majority of time – on the open sea – so make sure that the games are good!

Table Games – If table games are your thing, then there won’t be a shortage of options on a cruise ship. Most ships have a great supply of the most popular table games found at casinos around the world. No matter what you’re into, you can be sure to play it throughout your cruise. What table games can you expect to see some action on?

1. Roulette – A classic game that you’re sure to know from casinos everywhere and guaranteed to find onboard all of the best cruise lines. Whether you’re an even or odd or red or black strategist, there’s plenty of down time to get your fill of roulette while cruising.


2. Poker One of the more popular games to be found on a cruise will be poker and it’s many varieties.


Those varieties include three-card poker tables and more tournament focused poker, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha where you may spot fancy tables in use that are state-of-the-art touchscreen poker machines. If Texas Holdem is your poker game of choice, make sure to beat the cruise crowds and arrive earlier or signup in advance if the cruise offers signup sheets.

3. Blackjack – Unfortunately there are no blackjack pointers in this article, but you’ll find your own tricks onboard while at the blackjack tables with your fellow cruise companions. In case you’re not familiar with this very popular game, the goal is to beat your dealer.


Don’t worry about your neighbors; it’s the dealer you’re up against. You’re a winner if you get 21 points on your first two cards (blackjack), your final score is higher than the dealer without exceeding 21, or your dealer exceeds 21 themselves. If you find yourself with a lucky lady, the holy grail of blackjack bets, you’ll be a bigger winner.

4. Craps – Make room for the dice! Perhaps the slight shifts of the ocean will result in your favor while playing craps aboard the cruise.


Craps is always a casino favorite. Whether you’re ready to make wagers yourself or ride the wave on someone else’s game, you’ll be able to at the craps table. Craps is usually the center of attention where exciting action with applause and cheers is not uncommon – the craps table may be how you find the cruise casino from down the hall.


5. LuckyCowBingo– Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo?

That feeling when you’ve hit bingo and stand up and yell “BINGO!” Bingo on a cruise is a different experience. Sure, winning a prize or some money is exhilarating as it is, but everyone is in high spirits. You’re not the only one in a great mood, but everyone is happy and adding to the experience because they’re on holiday too! Make sure to get your bingo action while you’re making your way over to your destination.


6. Slot Machines – No matter what level of experience you have with casino games, slot machines are always a crowd pleaser.


Offering both variety and excitement when the orchestra of bells, whistles, sirens and the clings and clangs of coins announce a win. You’re on a cruise, have a seat and play some slots!

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