MSC Cruises extends pause of operations for MSC Magnifica

MSC Cruises recently announced the extension to the pause of operations for MSC Magnifica in connection with the additional lockdown measures that the Greek government have recently put in place ashore to manage the pandemic and that will now likely extend beyond the current holiday period. As part of these measures, currently through January 6 passenger ships are only able to make technical calls in Greek ports.

MSC Magnifica
MSC Cruises has to postponed the resumption of operations for MSC Magnifica until February 14, 2021

Due to the uncertainty at this stage as to whether these ports will fully re-open on January 7 or if these measures will be extended further, as is very likely to be the case, the Company has taken the decision to postpone the resumption of operations for MSC Magnifica until February 14, 2021, for the benefit of its guests.

MSC Cruises ships operate under the protection of the Company’s comprehensive health & safety protocol. For more details see:

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