Playing Poker While On A High Seas Cruise – How And Where To Play

Wealth and affluence can give you many opportunities. You get to enjoy the luxury of life, have fun with friends, party, and flex on a high sea cruise, and many other things to relieve stress and entertain yourself.

Talking about playing poker, some people see it as a business of making money while others see it as a means of entertainment, albeit profitable. Regardless of how every individual sees it, one thing is certain, once you love poker, you just want to keep playing. 

While on a high sea cruise, the urge to play poker might intensify, either to contribute to the fun by entertaining yourself or to make more money as the business-oriented person that you are. Thus, you begin to wonder where and how to play poker. On a high sea cruise, there are several ways to play poker, and they’re as follows: 

Play Virtually In Bet365 Poker Room

The advent of technology makes it possible to play poker games online without having to worry about visiting casinos. Based on bet365 poker room reviews, many people on a sea voyage have played poker virtually using this platform.

bet365 poker room is arguably one of the best places to play and enjoy poker while on a high sea cruise. First and foremost, it’s important to know that there are countries where gambling is illegal, so while on a high sea cruise and intend to play poker, be very sure not to be on the shores of any of these countries. 

To play bet365 poker on a high sea cruise, you need to have internet access, browse the website, and join exciting online tournaments where you can place bets and compete against lots of poker players from around the world and make real money.

Although bet365 poker doesn’t support live tournaments, you can easily get into the online tournaments with very affordable buy-ins and stake as much as you want. The bet365 poker room app can be downloaded by players on their desktops/laptops running Mac or Windows. 

Virgin Games Poker 

Another platform to play poker while on a high sea cruise is the virgin game poker. Like bet365 poker, it can be played online by browsing through the website without the need to install any poker software or download an app.

While the buy-ins to their online tournaments are very affordable, they have poker hosts who are always available to guide and answer any questions during your game and help solve any issues encountered during the game. 


You can also play poker on PokerStars while on a high sea cruise. You’re allowed to play against their team — a group of elite professional players or enter into their tournaments where you can compete in different enthralling categories. However, to play poker on this website, you need to download the software on your device to make it work efficiently. 

You surely don’t want to have issues while playing in a tournament with a lot of money at stake. It can be used on any device, be it a phone, PC, or Mac. There’s a poker dictionary where you get to know specific poker terms and what they mean so that you don’t feel lost while playing, especially if you’re a newbie in playing poker games. 

888 Poker

Another place to play poker online while on a sea cruise is the 888 Poker. Like the first two poker rooms, bet365 and Virgin Games Poker, you can play without the need to download the 888 Poker software. 

There are different poker tournaments on the website ranging from Sit & Go to Poker Satellite, where you’re free to join as you deem fit. 888 Poker buy-ins to join poker tournaments differ but are very affordable.

The Bottom Line

Playing poker is much of a hobby as it is a means of making money, and there shouldn’t be anywhere you can’t play it, even if you’re on a high sea cruise. There’s not much difference between playing poker online and in a casino. While the latter seems more fun and livelier due to the adrenaline rush of being amid opponents physically, the former is preferable. 

While on a high sea cruise, you can very much enjoy your poker by joining poker rooms where tournaments are being held and competing with a lot of people virtually. However, you need to learn the ropes, how to sign up for tournaments, and what kind of tournament to sign up for to have the best experience.

While there are several options available to play poker online while on a high sea cruise, the four platforms provided above are highly rated and stand out among the rest. You can enjoy their world-class service while on your sea voyage. Have fun while at it!

Playing Poker While On A High Seas Cruise – How And Where To Play | 19
Playing Poker While On A High Seas Cruise – How And Where To Play | 19
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