Pre/Post Cruise: Four Northern California Attractions You Can’t Miss

When visiting Northern California, you won’t lack for things to do and sights to see. The boundaries in Northern California stretch from the Oregon border to Monterey Bay. Imagine driving along the coast to explore mother nature and all she has to offer.

Plus, northern California provides a truly diverse ecological landscape. In fact, you don’t even have to rent a hotel–Outdoorsy features everything you need to get a stunning vacation started with their convenient RV rentals in Oakland, California.

Wine Tasting

Every visit to northern California requires an experience in wine tasting. The weather is perfect for growing the grapes that produce some the globes most world-renowned wines. You could head to Napa, and spend a few days there touring various wineries.

For something a bit more intimate, drive down Highway 101 to visit Booneville–this is a specific region for wine growing. Then, you might consider visiting Anderson Valley which boasts over 20 different wineries–there are also over 16 tasting rooms.

Imagine driving from winery to winery just taking everything in with all your senses. Whether you walk through the grape vines, taste a few vintages or have a meal–you are in for a life changing and forever-memorable experience.


A visit to northern California also requires a stop in Chinatown. This is the place where you will find some of the most authentic Asian experiences in North America. Chinatown is located just west of downtown. You might be surprised to find out that this is also the oldest Chinatown in North America.

But, there’s still more–this Chinatown is the largest outside of Asia. So, if you don’t have time to visit Asia–this is a solid bet. Go shopping at one of the many side street markets. You’ll feel like you’re in another country as locals speak a variety of Chinese dialects all around you.

Old Oakland

If you’re looking for the perfect photo-op then head to Old Oakland. Experience vintage and Victorian architecture that will truly delight your appreciation for 19th-century architecture. Interestingly, Old Oakland was once the place to see and be seen for the upper crust of the city.

It had the best shops, restaurants and hotels. The cobble-stoned streets are also pleasant for walking. Today, you’ll find a bevy of small, independent shops, up-and-coming eateries and a fantastic Friday’s farmer’s market.

Bodega Head

Drive over to Bodega Head and Bodega Bay for breathtaking scenery. If you’re ready to take a break from life, this is the perfect place to do it. You’ll see a dramatic cliff which reaches out to the sea. If you’re lucky, you might even see a few whales and dolphins just enjoying life and being their grand selves.

Get some inspiration, or breath in the natural beauty as you take one of the most scenic walks you’ve ever experienced. If you have any questions, there are helpful volunteers on sight who will happily let you know where to walk and what to see.

In Conclusion

Visiting Northern California will simply ruin life for you. Where else can you find such diverse ecology with the perfect mix of nature and city? With your RV, you can’t go wrong driving up and down the coast and creating memories that last a lifetime.

John Shallo
John Shallo
John Shallo is the founder and editor of Cruise Addicts. Since 1999 it has been a leading destination for cruise travelers and self professed Cruise Addicts looking for the latest news, ship reviews and travel tips.

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