Princess extends pause of global ship operations on voyages including Canada, Australia and Taiwan

In response to the Canadian Transport Minister’s restriction of any ships carrying 100 or more passengers from entering Canadian waters until October 31, 2020, the Australian Government’s approach to managing the resumption of cruising in the Australian region, along with the ongoing uncertainty of ports reopening for cruise ships in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Princess has extended our global pause in operations and cancelled the following voyages.

  • All cruises sailing in and out of Australia departing August 29 –September 21, 2020 on Sea, Majestic, Sun and Sapphire Princess
  • All cruises in and out of Vancouver and Seattle in September and October on Coral, Emerald, Grand, Royal, Ruby and Star Princess
  • 7-day cruises roundtrip from San Francisco departing in September and October 2020 : Pacific & California Coast on Star Princess
  • All cruises roundtrip Keelung departing August 2020 on Majestic Princess (Aug 5-Aug 23)

Guests who have paid in full, have the option to accept a special higher value Future Cruise Credit offer:

  • 100% value of cruise fare paid as a Future Cruise Credit (FCC)
  • Bonus FCC equal to 25% of the cruise fare paid

The FCC can be used for any cruises through 1 May 2022.

Guests who have not paid in full, have the option to accept a special ‘Double your Deposit’ Future Cruise Credit offer:

  • Transfer the money deposited for your vacation as a refundable Future Cruise Credit (FCC) and Princess will provide a matching bonus FCC for the same amount up to the base cruise fare amount of the current cruise(minimum US$100 per person).

Alternatively, all guests can forfeit these bonus FCC offers and request a refund for all money paid on their booking by using an online form from the Princess website.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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