Scenic Eclipse wins ‘Expedition Cruise Initiative of the Year’ at Seatrade Cruise Awards

Scenic Neptune submarine offers glimpse into underwater worlds otherwise inaccessible

Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht, was awarded the Expedition Cruise Initiative of the Year by Seatrade. This award focuses on a company, organization or individual who has introduced an innovative concept, product, ship, shore excursion, or service specifically tailored to/for the expedition cruise sector. Scenic Eclipse was recognized for its first-of-its-kind onboard submarine, Scenic Neptune. Capable of diving up to 300 meters (980 feet), with seating for six guests, the U Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 was custom-built for Scenic and allows for optimal sightseeing of marine wonders, offering guests unique access to some of nature’s most beautiful sites. Its record-breaking dive in Antarctica set a new standard for expedition cruising.

A video of Scenic Neptune can be watched here:


“We have always sought to venture beyond the horizon, and with our submarine, our guests have the opportunity to enjoy access to the world’s most amazing marine environments, otherwise not available,” said Glen Moroney, Scenic Founder and Chairman. “Partnering with a world-renowned company like U Boat Worx to design a custom submersible, complete with an ultra-clear acrylic hull that allows guests to feel “at one” with the ocean, is a testament to our dedication to define exploration in the cruise industry. We are deeply honored that this initiative has been recognized by Seatrade.”
Available to guests on numerous itineraries ranging from the polar regions of the North and South poles to the warm waters of the Caribbean, the Scenic Neptune can complete 8-12 dives per day, giving many guests access to observe marine life from an underwater perspective. Outfitted with strong exterior lights, guests are able to view ship wrecks, marine life and the vibrant colors of underwater scenery. Onboard, guests enjoy internal climate control and surround sound, plenty of leg and headroom, while the three-person pods can rotate 270 degrees – so nothing will be missed. The submarine’s cabin is perfectly pressurized allowing for more time spent exploring underwater versus ascending or descending.
Scenic Eclipse wins ‘Expedition Cruise Initiative of the Year’ at Seatrade Cruise Awards | 22
Scenic Neptune – Trident Wall, Port Antonio

While the Scenic Neptune in itself a state-of-the-art machine, one of the most memorable parts of the journey are the skills of the pilots who expertly navigate through some of the most beautiful and remote regions on the planet, taking care to not impact the surrounding environment and disrupt the natural habitats of sea and shore animal life. Prior to boarding the submarine, members of the ship’s Discovery Team, a highly experienced group of marine biologists, historians, ornithologists, geologists, as well as fisheries and underwater experts, share insights through lectures or destination-specific excursions on what guests can expect to see – going into detail about animals, plants and environmental features.

The Scenic Group is no stranger to being recognized for its level of service, value, offered experiences and ship design. Most recently Conde Nast Traveler readers recognized Scenic as one of the World’s Top River Cruise Lines; Cruise Critic named the Scenic Gem as the Best River Ship 2020 and Scenic Eclipse the Best New Luxury Ship 2019; and notable global wins were garnered for Best Enrichment Programs and Excursions. Emerald Waterways has also received numerous awards, most recently by Cruise Critic as the Best Value for the Money for the fifth consecutive year.

The Seatrade Awards honor excellence in all aspects of cruising including innovative concepts and designs, expedition products, destinations, cruise suppliers, and sustainability and is considered one of the industry’s premier awards. This year’s winners, announced during the Seatrade Cruise Virtual awards ceremony on Oct. 6, were determined by a panel of 14 cruise experts from across the international cruise community – and the competition was significant.

Scenic Eclipse wins ‘Expedition Cruise Initiative of the Year’ at Seatrade Cruise Awards | 22

Scenic Group has grown over its 34-year history to include award-winning, all-inclusive river and ocean cruises and handcrafted land tours that take participants to many of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Since 2008, Scenic has offered river cruises in Europe, SE Asia and Russia on its 15 Space-Ships and Egypt on a luxury charter. In 2019, Scenic introduced the World’s First Discovery Yacht, the 228-guest Scenic Eclipse. Sister brand Emerald Cruises, parent brand of Emerald Waterways and the newly formed Emerald Yacht Cruises, has nine branded Star-Ships offering river sailings in Europe and on the Mekong, as well as the chartered river ship along the Volga River in Russia (MS Nizhny Novgorod). In 2021, the Emerald Azzurra will be the first yacht to launch under the Emerald Cruises brand – a 100-guest super yacht that will ply the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Red seas.

Additional information can be obtained via travel agents in the US or on its website:

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