How to Get Around Venice Cruise Port and Train Station

The iconic view in Venice can be described in one word as amazing, so the entire popularity revolving around this Italian area is understandable. Travel enthusiasts from all over the world are choosing to explore what Venice has to offer, and in most cases, people are pleasantly surprised by the beauty and romance of the city. Canals and gondolas, unique views and a captivating atmosphere, you can say that Venice has it all, and you will not be disappointed in choosing the city as your next travel destination. Entering this island city will provide you with a once in a lifetime view, so you can expect to be enchanted as soon as you get there.


Considering this is not your regular European city, as soon as you get to the Venice cruise port or train station, you will find yourself in need of adequate transportation in order to actually arrive in the heart of the city or to St. Marks square, from where all the city’s main attraction can be reached more easily. You may be tempted to follow the example of many other tourists who wait to book their shore excursion, believing that this is the only accessible solution. Well, you should know that you have several transportation options available, and getting around can be manageable in different ways. Things can get a bit confusing for first time Venice travelers, so doing a bit of research first, and knowing your options well enough is recommended. Here are the transportation options you can choose from, and a bit of information about each one – looking into these factors will allow you to make an informed choice that suits your needs perfectly:


Walking – from Venice port to a vaporetto point

Let’s start with the most budget-friendly option there is. If you are the more athletic type, and a long walk doesn’t scare you, you have the possibility of getting to a vaporetto point by foot. Walking is chosen many tourists who want to keep their expense to a minimum. In order to get access to public transportation without spending any more money, start walking from the Stazione Marittima Venice cruise terminal by Piazzale Roma on the Venice Grand Canal. A nice walk will also give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of the surroundings, so it might just be the ideal option to kick-start your entire Venetian experience. This is, however, not recommended, if you are travelling with children.

How to Get Around Venice Cruise Port and Train Station
Public transportation water buses, also known as vaporetti, are the most popular transportation method for tourists.

Cruise ship organized water buses – public transportation water buses

Public transportation water buses, also known as vaporetti, are the most popular transportation method for tourists, who want to arrive to their final destination promptly and in an affordable manner. Just like as any other classic form of transportation in other regions around the world, these travel in an organized manner and have fixed schedule, so if you do choose a vaporetto to get from the port to Venice, you should check their schedule first. These cruise buses will take you to where you need to arrive, with minimum walking involved. A vaporetto can be regarded as a bus on water. There are mainly two major companies operating this public transportation option, and these are Alilaguna and ACTV. While the first is mainly used for connecting travelers between the airport and the cruise point, the latter is used for traveling around the islands.

Connect with locals for transportation assistance via a mobile app

Wither you aren’t exactly sure how to easily get to the nearest vaporetto point, you want a more rapid solution for arriving in the center of Venice, or some more extensive transportation assistance would come in handy, nowadays, you have a great mobile application for that. When you are googling How to Get to Venice from the Venice Cruise Port, you will come across the popular mobile app Prontopia. Using this application, you can connect to friendly locals, who will help you cover all your transportation requirements, and get to your points of interest in a rapid and convenient manner. More tourists are choosing this personalized approach to Venice traveling, and are benefiting from a more enjoyable experience. Whether it’s finding your AirBnB easily or getting to your tour meeting from the train station, you’ll find a local ready to step in and help via this app.

How to Get Around Venice Cruise Port and Train Station

Water taxis

The difference between a vaporetto and a water taxi is that the first one is regarded as public transportation, while the latter provides you with increased privacy and comfort. So the last option you have the possibility of looking into is the common water taxis. You and the people you are traveling with – friends or family – can benefit from a personalized transportation solution around Venice by choosing this particular option. This isn’t, however, the ideal choice if you are on a budget, considering you will have to get quite a high amount of money out of your pocket. In terms of comfort and convenience, if money isn’t an issue here, this might be the most appealing possibility. Usually, water taxis have the capacity of taking a maximum of 12 people, so when you are splitting the costs, the price paid will become a bit more reasonable. In order to stick to your itinerary, you need to book your taxi in advance, just to make sure you are covered once you arrive at the port.

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Experiencing the entire Venetian vacation can be quite thrilling, especially if this is the first time you are traveling the area. However, planning a trip there needs to be done with attention and care, in order to stay organized, and prevent small inconveniences from affecting your trip. Getting to Venice from the Venice cruise port is one of the challenges you will be faced with initially, so being aware of all your options from the start can be necessary. This way, you can know for sure which transportation solution suits your needs, and you will be able to start off your vacation on the right foot. Whether you decide to resort to the Prontopia app, to water taxis or vaporetti, these are the possibilities you can access at the moment.

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