Why Travel to Goa in India?

India is a mystical country with a lot of exotic places and cultural elements to remember long after. Its long history and cultural heritage are the things that attract the visitor’s eye and make him visit this country. Its beauties are unmatched, and its cultural identity is so unique that became influential all around the world. After all, not many countries have that many things to offer to visitors, which is why many traveling lists include India as the top destinations to visit in the world.

When you blend two amazing cultural phenomena, having in mind the Indian and the Portuguese, then you get Goa, a city in India with a blend of cultures and spices. Having a bit from here and there creates a very unique atmosphere combining the best from both worlds. Goa is a city on the coastline, with a pleasant climate, delicious seafood, and a lot of spirituality. As some call it, it’s a pocket-size paradise. A traveler has everything he needs for the perfect vacation. It’s enough exotic and enough commercial to satisfy both worlds, peace-seekers and euphoria enthusiasts. Here are a few small yet effective tips to make your trip to Goa a one to remember. Here they are.

A Short History of Goa

Goa has been a Portuguese colony for more than 350 years. Its history and culture differ a lot from the part in India that was under British Ray’s influence. The majority of the population is Christian and most of them speak Portuguese. This European spirit gives this Indian city a very distinct atmosphere that can only be felt here, in Goa. However, the Hindi population is the majority of Goa’s population of more than 66%. Goa isn’t ashamed of its diversity. On the contrary, this cultural mix is what makes Goa such a beautiful place to visit. In late 1960, many international products were brought to Goa, and this trade influence has internationalized the place to a high extent. Today, Goa is a place for everyone, rich and poor, young and old.

Things to Know About Goa

Like every other place, there are some periods of the year when the city literally blossoms. When it comes to Goa, the period from June to September is the perfect timing for a visit. Entertainment-seekers will be happy to know that Goa Casino is the biggest in the country with games like those at Casimba Casino. However, many visitors decide to visit Goa in winter when Christmas and New Year celebrations take place in the streets of Goa. It’s also the perfect timing to catch the Sunburn and Supersonic festival that is taking place in Goa every year.

The state of Goa is divided into two districts: South and North Goa. The sandy beaches, the delicious food, beach parties, who can ask for more. The beaches in the South are known for the calamity and are perfect for relaxing yourself, while the North of Goa is full of people, the streets are busy and the music is loud. The choice is yours, and it depends on your personal preference for what you want to get from the trip.

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