3 Reasons That Make Specialty Restaurants A Great Choice

Specialty dining has become all the rage in the modern cruise industry. Gone are the days of traditional set time dining in the main dining room. Cruisers tastes and views of dining have substantially changed over the years, leading to the redevelopment of dining onboard cruise ships. The most notable change – the addition of specialty restaurants. Here are the main three reasons for why specialty restaurants have become such a great choice for onboard dining:

Quality is greater than quantity

The main dining room onboard is serving meals to the majority of the ship each night. Depending on your ship, that could mean that a few hundred guests will be dining with you around the same time. While the galley works as hard as it can to serve quality food, they also have a schedule to keep. Dining in a smaller, specialty restaurant, the dedicated galley is able to spend more time preparing each dish due to the lower number of guests in the restaurant. In these smaller galleys, there isn’t as much demand from the restaurant, allowing the chefs to take their time and grill your steak to perfection. Specialty restaurants have become a primary choice for cruisers who are looking for a high quality dining experience.

Quiet time

In addition to quality meals, a specialty restaurant is also able to provide a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. These restaurants are free of hundreds of guests conversing, dancing waiters, and announcements from the maitre d’. Guests will be able to enjoy their meal in this serene, intimate atmosphere.

Sometimes it pays to pay

While these specialty restaurants will usually cost a small cover charge, the ability to charge allows the cruise lines to provide higher quality, gourmet meals for these restaurants. While meals in the main dining room are almost always excellent, specialty restaurants tend to go the extra mile when it comes to the meals they serve. Guests will be able to find larger, more exquisite steaks, pasta dishes, seafood, and chicken entrees. Guests craving a true gourmet meal have found specialty restaurants to do the trick.

While you most likely won’t be disappointed by any meal onboard a cruise ship, specialty restaurants do provide a higher end dining experience and can satisfy some guests who prefer a better quality, more serene, gourmet meal.

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