9 Reasons a Hawaii Cruise with UnCruise Adventures is So Special

Hawaii is a picture of paradise, and a cruise voyage offers a special way to see the islands.  

For travelers who are also nature-lovers and like to stay active, UnCruise Adventures features water-intensive expedition cruises that sail from Molokai on the 36-passenger Safari Explorer. These cruises offer something quite different than the traditional sailings from major cruise lines that visit the Hawaiian Islands. 

Cruise Addicts joined for a voyage on UnCruise Adventures’ new summer itinerary and discovered nine things that make these cruises unique. 

fresh poi being prepared
We were able to watch fresh poi being prepared before giving it a taste while visiting Halawa Valley on Molokai.

Time on Molokai 

UnCruise is the lone cruise line to visit this pristine island of just more than 7,000 residents. Molokai is the fifthlargest island in the chain and has one hotel, Hotel Molokai, which serves as the hospitality center for UnCruise. Voyages sail roundtrip from the harbor on Molokai, and passengers get to experience time hiking in the Halawa Valley and visiting with residents living off the grid there in what is the oldest continuously settled region of the entire island chain. This is where the Polynesians first came to the islands and settled around 650 AD. 

green sea turtles in a quiet lagoon
Daily activities take you to remote locations to enjoy wild Hawaii. We spotted these green sea turtles in a quiet lagoon.
Kona, Hawaii
The gorgeous coastline of the Big Island.

Wild Hawaii 

Aside from serene Molokai, UnCruise’s sailings take passengers to other places that show Hawaii at its most Hawaiian. We spent time ashore on Lanai to visit a secluded beach and the sleepy historic old town of Lanai City. We also ventured to Lahaina Town on Maui’s far northeast coast and had a few days anchored offshore of the Big Island and Maui to explore the lagoons and bays with no one else except our fellow cruise companions. 

UnCruise Safari Explorer
These views are available just steps from your bed.
UnCruise Adventures Safari Explorer
Safari Explorer caries just 36 passengers.

Small-Ship Intimacy 

The cruises typically sail with 20 to 30 passengers, so you don’t deal with crowds. The ship also is free of any frills, and the entertainment is simply good conversation with like-minded travelers or views of blue skies, gorgeous sunsets or the frequent bow-riding dolphin pod. Days are filled with activities, and meals include lively conversation discussing all that you do or see. Your cruise fare includes drinks, so the bar and lounge area also are popular gathering spots at the end of the night for enrichment talks and as a way to wind down with new friends. 

Hotel manager Jose and bar tender Jessica
Hotel manager Jose and bar tender Jessica kept passengers smiling all week with friendly service.
Every day delivered us a special adventure
Every day delivered us a special adventure in this tropical paradise among new friends.

Sailing with Family 

Passengers and crew get to know each other quickly and form great bonds. You are out and about each day with your expedition leaders, fellow passengers and other crew who also get to participate in the daily activities. UnCruise has a crew of about 15 people onboard, and the person who serves your meal might also clean your cabin and be out kayaking or snorkeling with you, too. It’s a brilliant time among friendly people who love the outdoors and really care about nature.  

We're all suited up and ready for our night snorkel session
We’re all suited up and ready for our night snorkel session.

Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays 

One of the truly one-of-a-kind experiences is the chance to go out for a night-time snorkel to see manta rays. The excursion has you get into a wet suit and drop in at a noted feeding place where these gentle giants come to feed on plankton. They estimate a 50-50 chance that you’ll get to see them (we didn’t), but you do get to witness feeding schools of fish, and we even enjoyed a rare glimpse of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal during our session. Guides lead the way as you simply hang on to a modified surfboard outfitted with lights to draw the plankton. We hovered at the surface as hundreds of fish swirled around us, and the ethereal scene was made complete by dozens of scuba divers below releasing clouds of bubbles to the surface. 

It's all about the water sports on the summer itinerary in Hawaii.
It’s all about the water sports on the summer itinerary in Hawaii.
UnCruise Adventure's Safari Explorer
Safari Explorer features a marina on the back of the ship that serves as a launching area for daily excursions.

True Expedition 

Activities include near-daily snorkeling sessions, frequent kayaking, skiff tours, wooden canoe paddling in Kona, hiking outings and cultural tours and free time in the towns and villages. Sailing can be rough as you cross the Maui channel back and forth between Maui and the Island of Hawaii. Cabins are small and austere. The in-room TV has a documentary running on a loop and a DVD player (the ship has a large library of movies).  

Meals are prepared made to order every day.
Meals are prepared made to order every day.
Cookies and other tasty pastries
Cookies and other tasty pastries were available every afternoon in the lounge.

Authentic Cuisine 

Food is the third prong of the experience that makes the UnCruise journey so incredible. You have the activities, the people and the meals, which are made from scratch daily using locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. I regularly heard from passengers how they have never had better food any of their previous trips, and many of us regularly ordered a “half and half” meal, choosing half sizes of two menu options because they both sounded so good. The chef and crew also were great in accommodating diets and special requests. Breads and pastries are made fresh onboard by a pastry chef and serve as a highlight. (Don’t skip the afternoon cookie hour.)  

Cruise Compete

The cuisine also touches on true Hawaiian meals, with a chance to eat freshly made poi on the Halawa Valley tour and an end-of-cruise pa’ina (traditional Hawaiian feast) on Molokai. 

pod of dolphins under UnCruise Adventure's Ship
We were visited almost daily by pods of dolphins.
paddling a traditional wooden canoe in Kona
Passengers can try their hands at paddling a traditional wooden canoe in Kona.
You can jump right in
You can jump right in for a swim from the ship’s B Deck, some 20 feet above the water.
blue waters of Hawaii
You never get tired of being out in the sunshine and on the blue waters of Hawaii.

A Weeklong Excursion 

While large cruise ships offer a large range of excursions to pick from as you visit larger cities in Hawaii, an UnCruise Adventures sailing is essentially a weeklong excursion itself. The ship has a swim step that you can jump off to splash around in the blue waters at the back of the ship. Many passengers also had a blast jumping from the second deck, plunging themselves into the waters from more than 20 feet up.  

Light Packing 

I mean really light. I thought I had nailed it by coming with my swim trunks, couple pair of shorts, swim shirt, a few athletic shirts and short-sleeve shirts. I also had two pair of shoes and my socks and underwear. That still was probably too much. Barefoot is the standard footwear choice onboard, even at dinner, so I had too many socks and an extra pair of shoes that I didn’t really need. Also, toiletries and reefsafe sunscreen are provided. So, this really is a low-key and hassle-free vacation.

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