Cruising and Other Fun Things to do in Porto

Porto is a coastal city of Portugal, and the mercantile city with business and trade is a World Heritage site. The historic city is famed for its stately bridges and port wines as well as the narrow-cobbled streets lined with charming houses and cafes.

Are you planning a trip to Porto? Well, if you really want to experience an authentic vacation and enjoy the rich and varied heritage of the city, then take a tour with locals from Withlocals. With a well-planned and guided trip under an experienced and knowledgeable guide, you can sure make the most out of your Porto trip and see so much of the city in just a few days.

Spend some time along the Porto’s riverside

Get ready for picturesque sights and great fun as you head for the piazza. This is where the tourists and locals mingle and enjoy the riverside walk. The boat ride will offer a perfect shot of the iconic Luís I Bridge. You will find bars and restaurants around every corner.

Visit the Port houses

Port is famous for its Port wine, and if you are a wine lover, you will find no shortage of Port houses along the banks of the river. Some of the famous names include Ramos Pintos, Vasconcello’s, Quinta do Noval, Calem, Kopke, Sandeman, and more.

A great day at Serralves Museum & Villa

Take a tour of Serralves Museum & Villa that was built in the early 20th century. The elegant villa is considered to be an Art Deco property, and its luxurious interiors are done by the famous designers like Charles Siclis. The museum & villa look perfect with well-planned terraced grounds and regimented lawns and pergolas.

Enjoy traditional Portuguese music

Fado, the Portuguese style of music is immensely popular among the locals as well as the tourists. This is your chance to blend with the local culture and enjoy the traditional music at popular shows or local restaurants and bars.

Walk over the Luís I Bridge

The Luís I Bridge is an iconic and industrial symbol for Porto. The twin-level metal bridge was made by the German engineer Théophile Seyrig, and it was in 1886 that the arched bridge was open to public. Cross the rocky banks of the Douro and get a bird’s eye view of the Cais da Ribeira from the bridge.

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A trip to Douro Valley

Ask your local tour guide to plan a trip to the Douro Valley. The region is famous for grape farms and harvesting. Spend a whole day here to enjoy the beautiful valley and do not miss the chance to savor the authentic and rustic Portuguese cuisine. One of the must do if you are visiting Portugal.

Spend some time at Church of São Francisco

The Church of São Francisco was completed in 1425 and is major tourist attractions. It is the last Gothic monument in Porto. The interiors which were redone in 1500s to the 1700s carry the most lavish gilded woodwork. The ornate portal located in the main façade boasts of a lovely rose window. There is intricate decoration and carving on the old Gothic vaults, walls, and pillars.

Take a Douro River Cruise

The two-hour boat ride down the Douro river is a popular activity among the tourists. Catch the boat from the waterfront in Pinhao and take a tour of the valley from a different perspective. Enjoy the sights of Port production facilities as well as the terraced hillside covered with vineyards.

A realign time at Praça da Liberdade

Head for Santo Ildefonso to spend some quality time at Praça da Liberdade. You will love the grand open spaces of this square that belongs to the 18th century but carries a new urban layout. The equestrian statue of Pedro I of Brazil stands there to remind of a truly democratic reformer. The square is lined with designer boutiques, great cafes, and civic buildings.

Enjoy a Francesinha Sandwich

Francesinha Sandwich is named after a French emigrant and originated in the 60s here. Made with bread, the sandwich is stuffed with fresh sausage, ham, and steak and then covered with melted cheese. A tomato- and beer-based gravy is poured on top, and the sandwich is then served with French fries and a local beer. You must taste the Francesinha Sandwich at Cafe Santiago before your leave Porto.

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