Abercrombie & Kent’s Version Of A River Cruise

 River cruising has taken the world of cruise vacations by storm as a hot topic for destination-focused travelers. Tour operator Abercrombie & Kent has their hat in the ring too but offers a distinctly different river cruise option

River cruises take culturally curious cruise travelers up close and personal with iconic destinations around the world. Inclusive by nature, river cruising shares many elements of the experience that has made ocean cruising such a popular option. Sailing with Abercrombie & Kent recently, we experienced what happens when combining a river cruise with a land vacation package. The results were stellar.

It’s what A&K calls their “Connections” program, a travel product well-suited for those who want more than a passive vacation experience.

“Connections by Abercrombie & Kent offers one-on-one connections with the world’s most intriguing places and cultures,” says A&K on their web site, promising their well-traveled “explorers at heart” an experience to “discover the world in the company of unmatched local experts, at an unbeatable value.” This is exactly what A&K delivered and the best example came at the end of our journey on an immersion into the Netherlands the likes of which we don’t often see.

Our Netherlands experience started two days ago, when Amadeus Brilliant arrived in Amsterdam where she would stay for two nights. That positioning alone would have allowed time to get a good feel for the area; the history and culture of the largest city in the Netherlands.

Viewed all in one place, all at one time, the A&K Connections small group tours product covered the area like a blanket. Looking back on the experience, the takeaway is that A&K Connections are a very good option for those with discerning tastes. Every step of the way, our A&K guide was there to eliminate standing in lines whenever possible, to provide a physically comfortable travel experience and, best of all: to connect each of us in the destinations, in our own way.

Here are more photos from our journey:

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