River Cruising Also A Customizable Travel Experience

 Wertheim and Miltenberg are two charming towns in Germany that epitomize what we often think of when recalling previous river cruises or dreaming about future sailings. Ships dock very close to the center of town. Friendly locals are genuinely happy to see us. Sidewalk cafe’s are plentiful and the weather is cooperating. Culinary offerings, unique to the town, range from regional brews to signature sausages, bakery items and more. These are places travelers naturally want to linger at a while.

Typical of river cruising, we often stop two places in one day, as we talked about in a previous article. The logistics of that can often be a bit confusing though, so let’s use our visit to Wertheim and Miltenberg as an example.


  • Ship arrives in Wertheim
  • Passengers going on tour get off ship
  • Ship immediately departs for Miltenberg
  • Passengers tour Wertheim
  • Passengers take bus to Miltenberg
  • Ship arrives in Miltenberg, picks up passengers
  • Ship immediately departs for Rudesheim, the next day’s port of call

    Between the lines of this, someone wanting to get off the ship in either of those places, just to go ashore and do a little shopping or sight seeing, can’t. Its either all in for the day of touring or all out, staying on the ship. Not that staying on the ship is a bad thing, those onboard while we were touring saw amazing sights along the river, scenic cruising.

    We chose to get off the ship and I am glad we did. Here is some of what we saw in these two enchanting towns:

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