Combating The Motion Of The Ocean

 For many first time and veteran cruisers alike, the motion of the ocean can be a worrisome aspect of a cruise. While many cruisers may not enjoy the actual motion of the ship, many suffer from seasickness. Luckily, there are solutions to help cruisers combat the infamous illness and get them out of their cabin.

Possibly the most popular option nowadays is the Sea-Band. Worn on both arms, right on the wrist, these bands help alleviate motion sickness and vomiting through acupressure. The bands thankfully have no side effects and use no drugs, making them very friendly for cruisers of all ages.

For those looking for an over the counter solution, Dramamine is a fast acting medication that helps alleviate motion sickness and vomiting. The medication is available in both tablet and liquid form as well as adult and child dosages.

Also known as, “that patch behind the ear,” Scopolamine is another popular medication used to treat motion sickness aboard cruise ships. Small patches worn behind the ear release small dosages of medication into the skin that interfere with the communication between the nerves and area of the brain that controls vomiting.

Additional Remedies
Over the years, many cruisers have discovered alternative remedies to alleviating motion sickness at sea. These remedies include eating green apples, saltines, chewing on ginger, watching the horizon, acupuncture, ambien, and many others.

Note: We here at Cruise Addicts are not medical professionals, but we do advise you to consult yours before using any medication for sea sickness.

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