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Currently No Reported Cases of the Zika Virus in Greece

According to an infographic by the University of Arizona, cases of the Zika Virus have been actively spreading throughout the United States with 41 states now seeing Zika infectections. The virus, which is transported through mosquitoes, currently affects over 60 countries, however Greece is not one of them. That said, it is always good to be prepared.

The Zika virus can be especially harmful to pregnant women and their unborn babies as it can lead to a birth defect which causes abnormalities in the head as well as developmental disorders. As well, there is currently no vaccine against the virus. Those women who are pregnant are currently being advised not to travel to any areas where the Zika virus has been found.

The infographic below was created by the University of Arizona’s master of public health department and is well worth a read if you are worried.

The University of Arizona created this infographic.

Infographic - Targeting Zika, The threat and fight against the virus

University of Arizona

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