Norwegian Cruise Line: Casinos at Sea

Norwegian Cruise Line is a company that caters to travelers who want to enjoy the beautiful sights at sea as well as a vibrant gaming atmosphere. Norwegian Cruise Line’s luxury cruises promise exciting games and non-stop action to those who opt to travel by sea instead of air.

Norwegian Cruise Line has 16 cruise ships that travel far and wide. The Norwegian Bliss is one of its most popular ships that’s route takes it as far as Alaska, Pacific Coastal, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, and the Caribbean. The smaller ships can carry up to 2,300 guests, while the bigger ones can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

NCL’s Casinos

Norwegian Cruise Line ships have over 2,800 poker machines and 200 table games on board. Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps are just some of the games offered on the cruise ships.

Guests who enjoy playing poker will be happy to know that the cruise ships host poker tournaments throughout their trips for guests to compete in.

Casino Credit is used when playing at any of Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships. The minimum application fee is $5,000.

Casino Credit is important for a cruise ship in order to keep the economy of its casino running. Compared to land-based casinos and online gaming providers, only cruise ship guests can play in the gaming area for extended periods of time, which is why the ship needs some sort of capital from each of its guests that are participating.

Application fees do not apply to people who play casino games online. In fact, some of the more unique online casinos such as Betfair even offer free-to-play titles to guests allowing them to play commercially licensed games with virtual chips so that beginners can enjoy the same gameplay as the more experienced players. However, floating casinos usually cater for the more experienced Poker, Blackjack or Craps players, hence why they use the Casino Credit system.


Norwegian Cruise Line has built up a reputation for serving adventurous food. In the past, the company had celebrity chef, restaurateur and author Geoffrey Zakarian at the forefront of their culinary offerings. The American was a long time consultant for NCL’s 27 ships.

Additionally, NCL’s Norwegian Escape has the famous Food Republic, which is run by Chef Jose Mendin who made a name for himself due to his innovative small-plate concept. NCL has also done deals with Cake Boss and Iron Chef to improve their culinary services, which has seen them gain mainstream recognition.

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Norwegian Dawn


Norwegian Cruise Line prides itself on its ability to offer the utmost in comfort and style to its guests. What’s interesting to know is that all of the NCL ships have the same category suites. They are as follows:

  • The Haven – Luxurious rooms which are well-appointed and spacious
  • Family Suite – Ideal for families traveling on NCL ships
  • Balcony Stateroom – A spacious room with a double bed looking out to the ocean
  • Holiday Solo – Rooms ideal for solo travelers

Each suite has been designed with style and comfort in mind, along with a view that changes with every port that the ship visits. In addition, all suites have a wide array of amenities and room service that guests can call at any time of the day.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships exude luxury and style in every aspect of its facilities and services. So much so that the company won the Best Cruise Line Casino Award at the Porthole Magazine’s 2014-2015 Ceremony.

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