Five Good Reasons To Use The Cruise Line Transfers

 When flying in to the port of embarkation, cruise travelers have options. They might choose to navigate the local public transportation system and that is often the least expensive choice. Getting from the airport to the cruise port is probably done most efficiently with a taxicab, going directly there with nothing to slow you down. Using cruise line transfers has a down side; the first people on the bus often wait for the bus to fill up which can take some time as other flights arrive. But the overwhelmingly positive side of letting the cruise line take care of transfer to the ship far outweighs any negatives. Here’s why:

The Cruise Line Knows Your Flight Is Late
Required to add cruise line transfers to a booking is your flight information. On the ground, cruise line representatives keep an eye on flight arrivals, know yours is late and will wait for you. Using any other option, they don’t and can rightfully consider you a “no show” at the pier, leaving you and your cruise dreams behind.

No Need To Know The Airport And City
If nicely-priced flights bring cruise travelers in to the port city early or the day before sailing, there is a temptation to rent a car and handle it all themselves. While an early flight if not a day in advance flight is recommended, the driver is faced with navigating an unfamiliar city. This is not normally an calm, serene experience and puts their minds in the wrong state. Getting around in strange land = frustrating. Cruise travel = lovely. The two don’t mix well.

Complementary Baggage Assistance
There is a good reason why cruise line representatives meet travelers who have purchased transfers in the baggage claim area. They can help wrangle luggage and know the lay of the land. While travelers might wander around looking for the right carousel, they know which one it is and where we should stand to see our luggage arrive. If luggage is missing, they know where to go and how to begin the tracing process at that airport.

The Price Is Guaranteed
That direct route taxi can often be not so direct and end up costing more, not only in price but in time. Again, we don’t know the city like someone who lives there and can easily think we are going directly to the ship but are actually taking the long way there.

First Chance To Meet Other Passengers
Probably one of the very best reasons to use the cruise line transfers is the opportunity to begin meeting other passengers. One of the best parts of travel is sharing the experience with others. Why not let this integral part of what makes cruise travel a wonderful choice start even before getting on the ship? Odds are you’ll see those people met at the airport and on the bus later too.

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