Five Must Eats Aboard Carnival Liberty

During my recent trip aboard Carnival Liberty, I found some amazing dishes and dining destinations I wanted to share with you. Not surprisingly cruise travelers are often distracted by the multitude of dining choices and activities. They often miss some of the best options, simply by having too good of a time or just not being aware. It is my hope that with my keen sense of “food goodness” and tireless research that I can help set you on the right path during your next cruise aboard Carnival Liberty.


Guy's Burger Joint Burger
Guy’s Burger Joint Burger from aboard Carnival Liberty

Guy’s Burger Joint – For one of the best burger’s at sea, you will need to try Guy’s Burger Joint. Carnival Liberty was the first ship to get a Guy Fieri created Guy’s Burger Joint back in 2011. It offers Cruise Addicts some amazing hot off the grill burgers and hand-cut fries. Located on Deck Nine right off the pool and opened from Noon-6pm most days. You’ll also find a large selection of toppings at the toppings bar. To get ready for your cruise, be sure to read the menu (Guys Burger Joint Menu pdf)  before boarding. If your wondering, what a pig patty is? Its a patty made out of bacon slices layered together on top of a regular burger. Before this cruise I kept hearing how great these burgers’s were and it sounded very hyped. Well, It’s not and this may become your favorite place. Just be aware of the hours as you don’t want to miss out. Located on Lido Deck, 9 Fwd. Open from Noon till 6pm.

Tip: Don’t forget to visit the toppings bar to make your burger extra special, it has so many choices you may order a plain burger and build your own masterpiece.


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Mongolian Wok – While onboard Carnival Liberty, the Mongolian Wok became one of my favorite places. Try visiting on port days or other non-peak times as its very popular. How does it work? First, select your noodles and veggies. Then tell the chef which sauce and meat you want in the wok. Will it be mussels and Szechuan? Beef and Thai barbecue? Chicken and black bean? The choices and combinations are endless. Some guests even combine the sauces or ask just for Soy Sauce. If you love Asian food and like fresh hot off the grill food, it doesn’t get much better than this. – Located on Deck 9 Aft at the Mongolian Grill. Open Noon till 2:30pm.

Tip: Pick any combinations of meat and even sauces. One sauce suggestion, ask for the Thai Barbecue with a touch of the Szechuan sauce for a great combination of flavors.


Taco's from the BlueIguana Cantina aboard Carnival Liberty
Taco’s from the BlueIguana Cantina aboard Carnival Liberty

BlueIguana Cantina – Not only is the Blue Iguana Cantina food good, but it may become your new go to place for Breakfast and Lunch when onboard your next Carnival cruise. With fresh made tortilla’s they offer Arepa’s, Huevo Ranchero’s and Breakfast Burrito’s for breakfast. For Lunch, you can have made to order Taco’s with Chicken, Beef and Fish or Burrito’s with Chicken, Shrimp or Pork. You then have a wide assortment of toppings, sauces and even fresh sliced watermelon to cool you off. I loved trying the Habenero Salsa, it was so flavorful and packs a real punch. Be sure to study the (BlueIguana Cantina Menu pdf) menu before your cruise. You’ll love all the fresh and flavorful offerings. I found myself not visiting the buffet for Lunch or Breakfast like in the past but, coming here. We even visited before getting off the ship before debarkation. It’s that good. Located on Lido Deck 9 Fwd. Times may vary but, normally open from 7:30am till 10:30am for Breakfast and Noon till 2:30pm for Lunch.

Tip: Build your Burrito’s or Taco’s your way because you may want to have lighter options or not as spicy. You can go all vegetables on a whole wheat burrito or any other combination you desire. Your in control, look at the menu link above to pick your favorite combo’s before you sail way.


Prosciutto Pizza aboard Carnival Liberty
Prosciutto Pizza aboard Carnival Liberty

Pizza PirateCarnival Cruise Line’s has improved their pizza so much in recent years, I wanted to be sure to list it here. I noticed the change last year aboard Carnival Sunshine and it was equally good aboard the Carnival Liberty. You’ll also notice your fellow cruisers love the pizza as well, because it can get really busy at peak times. The crew who work’s here always had a smile and work consistently to put out a great pizza as fast as possible. If they don’t have what you want ready for a quick takeaway, simply order it and they will call you over when its ready.

Here is the Pizza Pirate Menu:

Pomodoro | Basil | Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

Pomodoro | Mushroom | Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

Pomodoro | Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

Quattro Formaggi
Roasted Garlic | Gorgonzola | Provolone | Parmesan |
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

Roasted Garlic | Rucola | Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

Caesar salad is also available with your Pizza. They are located in Emile’s on Deck 9 Aft, Open 24 hours a day.

Diamonds Steak House aboard Carnival Liberty
Diamonds Steak House aboard Carnival Liberty

Diamonds Steak House – If your looking for a wonderfully delicious experience, I highly recommend you visit Diamonds Steak House. It will be the culinary highlight of your cruise. Diamond’s is a specialty restaurant that features premium cuts of beef cooked to your exact specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, gourmet appetizers and an extensive wine list. The appetizers and gourmet side dishes amazing all by themselves. The extensive menu will make your mouth water, so take a look at it today to and reserve your table before boarding – Diamonds Steakhouse Menu (PDF). Leave room for desert, because they are truly the grand finale of an amazing culinary experience.

I recommend this for adult couples looking for a romantic dinner together or culinary adventurous families who want to get dressed up and have a night to remember. A meal like this would cost you easily double for more at a comparable big city restaurant. So make your cruise extra special and experience fine dining at it’s best. The menu choices have been updated and really excited the foodies at our table. Bon appétit!

Diamonds Steak House is located on Deck 10, Midship. Reservations are required and costs $35 each for Adults and Kids.

Tip: You can often get a complimentary bottle of wine for booking this specialty restaurant your first night of the cruise. Be sure to check once onboard. 






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