Huge Water Leak Onboard Magellan

Take a look at what Cruise Capital’s Editor Jordan, witnessed an unusual event on board Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ Magellan on 5th June 2015. Here is his story:

At 20:45, during the evening dinner service in the grand Waldorf Restaurant, a small leak began from the ceiling directly next to my table. The small leak quickly turned into a constant stream of water. Our waiter quickly rushed to hold a wine bucket under the leak, but within seconds it was full to the top. Our table group were quickly escorted to a nearby table to avoid any further splashes, Moments later, the leak spread affecting another table close by. This time a crew member brought a large plastic box, which contained most of the water. The leak continued to spread, this time directly onto our new table. We had just enough time to jump out of our seats, before water engulfed our table, filling plates and empty wine glasses.

Maintenance crew quickly attended the scene, and assessed where the leak was coming from. We decided it was best to vacate the restaurant before any more leaks began. I walked up to deck 9, to see if I could see where the source of the water was. The floor of the Jade Spa was also filled with water, which narrowed the source of the problem to the lido pool directly above the spa on deck 10.

A crew member already monitoring the pool, said they had had a problem whilst trying to fill the pool with water, as a result of a burst pipe.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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