Huna Totem Corporation Reveals New Logo

Huna Totem Corporation, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, has introduced a new formline logo to be used in all corporate communications moving forward. The logo was originally previewed to Huna Totem Shareholders during its 50th Anniversary Celebration on Sept. 23 at Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, Alaska.

“We are thrilled and humbled by this visual innovation,” said Russell Dick, President & Chief Executive Officer of Huna Totem Corporation. “This new design is a celebration of our resilient history as a people and an organization, a reminder to be passionate about our culture in the present, and a symbol of the bright future ahead of the X̠úna K̠aawu.”

Shareholder of Huna Totem and celebrated artist of Tlingit and Navajo ancestry, Richard Dalton III was contracted to design the new logo. His Tlingit name is Teeykat.aa and he is Yéil (Raven) of the T’akdeintaan clan of the Yéil Kúdi Hít Taan (Raven Nest House) and child of the Chookaneidí. From his mother’s lineage, he is half Diné (Navajo) from the Tábąąhá clan (Edgewater People) of New Mexico. Richard has attributed his growth to being raised in Hoonah, where he learned about Tlingit design, heritage, culture, and his people’s traditional ways of life.

“This logo turned out amazing,” said Dalton. “I am beyond blessed to have been a part of this design process, to work with our board members and staff in developing this logo, and I am honored to contribute to the legacy of Huna Totem Corporation. Gunalchéesh.”

Previous Logo – A Formline Panel of Hoonah Unity

In 1972, renowned Hoonah Tlingit artist and carver David Williams Sr. was contracted to design and create an art screen to demonstrate the unity of the Hoonah People in a time of need. Sadly, artist David Williams Sr. passed away in March of 1973 before he could complete the final refinements. His son, Arnold Williams, daughter-in-law, Mary Williams, and daughter, Carol Williams, completed the project. The original panel was dedicated in 1973.

“We will always be grateful to David Williams Sr. and the entire Williams family for their inspiring work that has represented our community and corporation for decades,” said Dick.

“Their panel will continue to inspire the hearts and minds of X̠úna K̠aawu for many decades to come.”

New Logo – A Narrative Interpretation

In this design, red symbolizes the Tlingit bloodline, while blue represents glacial water and the sky.

The avian design features feathers splayed downward to symbolize soaring upward as in flight, while the variety in the feathers illustrates the uniqueness of our people. A hollow bone beneath the eye symbolizes the lightness required for flight, paralleling the shedding of oppression and emotional burdens. The eye gazes forward, signifying our direction and future.

The feather pointing to the top pays homage to the North, which represents our internal compass and staying true to our culture. The wing takes the shape of a mountain, recalling The People’s origin and signifying protection from glacial winds, reflecting the meaning of ‘Hoonah,’ which translates to ‘protection from the wind.’

Huna Totem Corporation – Future, Mission & Vision

The very popular Icy Strait Point is a Huna Tote Corporation property

Huna Totem Corporation has begun to expand on the tourism industry success at Icy Strait Point with planned developments for a new cruise ship landing in Juneau and a separate cruise ship port in Klawock under a 50/50 joint venture called Na-Dena` with Doyon, Limited. In Whittier, Alaska, the corporation will open a new cruise ship dock, Head of the Bay, in May 2024. Each of these developments represent the values, uniqueness, and authenticity of the communities they are in. 

We ride the ZipRider at Icy Strait Point in Hoonah, Alaska

Vision – We envision a future where the economic and cultural achievements of the X̠úna K̠aawu are recognized as the standard of excellence in the advancement of Native People.

Mission – To advance the economic aspirations and culture of the X̠úna K̠aawu through business excellence, sustainable economic growth, leadership, and education.

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Huna Totem Corporation Reveals New Logo | 23
Huna Totem Corporation Reveals New Logo | 23
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