Incredible Interview With Cruise Ship Comedian Jason Love

Join Cruise Addicts as we sit down with cruise ship Comedian Jason Love. This in-depth interview covers many aspects of Jason’s work as a standup comedian. He shares what it is like to get started in standup comedy and what it takes to perform aboard a cruise ship and also at land based clubs.

Cruise Ship Comedian Jason Love

Cruise Ship Comedian Jason Love

As a cruise ship comedian, Jason Love has to travel most week’s of the year. This provided the opportunity to talk about his travels and more. Jason also discusses what it’s like to work aboard a cruise ship as a comedian.

Our In-Depth Look Into Standup Comedy

Comedian Jason Love
Comedian Jason Love

We learn about his work schedule and life onboard during his busy schedule. What is his favorite cruise line to perform on? He also shares some pro travel tips and much more.

Don’t miss this funny and insightful conversation with a real-life, Grade-A, cruise ship comedian.

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