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Three Reasons To Book A Balcony

Many cruisers can be conflicted when it comes to choosing a stateroom for their upcoming cruise. The most popular staterooms today are balcony staterooms, which usually make up the greatest portion of stateroom types onboard most modern cruise ships. While balconies definitely have a large fan base, some cruisers might need more convincing on why the higher price is definitely worth it. Here are the three main reasons why a discerning cruiser should choose a balcony stateroom:

#1 The Space

The main reason to upgrade to a balcony stateroom is the privacy and reserved space it offers. Your balcony is your very own reserved relaxation and sightseeing spot. The only chair hogs you will find is your either yourself or one of your cabin mates. This private relaxation area is only steps from your bed and provides a quiet, relaxing place to either watch the waves float by or read a good book while sailing alongside glaciers. On various ships, balconies may not be obstructed by a balcony above, which provides you with direct sunlight, transforming your balcony into a prime sun tanning space. Balconies provide cruisers with an invaluable, private, and convenient relaxation space. Sightseeing, dining, tanning, or sleeping – it’s your choice with your balcony stateroom.

#2 The Sights

Whether you are sailing past El Morro Fortress in San Juan or glaciers in the Inside Passage – your balcony will provide you with private, reserved railing space available onboard your ship for whale watching and sail aways. Some may argue that ocean view staterooms also have a view, but keep in mind that balconies are located higher up on the ship and provide more panoramic views than a small window would. The perk of open air, reserved sightseeing space is too enticing to pass up.

#3 The Sun

While it is true that an ocean view stateroom will bring some sunlight into your stateroom, nothing beats the natural sunlight brought into your stateroom from a balcony. Many ships now have balcony staterooms that feature floor to ceiling windows with a door to your balcony. These expanded windows will flood your room with warm, natural light, creating a comfortable and relaxing stateroom environment. This added sunlight will make your stateroom seem much more spacious and bright.

Balcony staterooms provide cruisers with invaluable perks that cannot be provided in an interior or ocean view room. For cruisers willing to take the next step up (and step out), odds are you won’t regret it.

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