Viking Einar – A Special Welcome Home

We returned to the Viking Einar and were greeted by the crew. We have learned to really enjoy these special moments they create as you return from your adventures ashore.

Viking Domination

Since starting with river cruises in Russia over twenty-two years ago, Viking Cruises has grown up and become what Chairman Hagen calls, “A real company”. With over 9,000 employees, generating 3 billion in revenue I would call that an understatement. They have created an award-winning product on the rivers and oceans year after year. They dominate the river cruise market with an almost fifty percent share. Since introducing ocean cruise vessels in 2015 with the Viking Star, their ocean cruise products growth has soared. The Viking culture on the rivers and now oceans has made this phenomenon possible. Guests enjoy the unique offerings and also what Viking doesn’t offer. The inclusiveness of their cruises lets passengers know what is and is not included up front. Further, Viking chooses to not “nickel and dime” it’s guests. This allows guests to relax and a not worry about what extra costs may lurk around their next excursion.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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