WATCH: Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Crash Into Dock In Jamaica

On Thursday (May 26) Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas crashed into a dock in Falmouth, Jamaica. The captain of the Harmony of the Seas was piloting the ship into the port but got too close to a docks dolphin extension. This is used to moor ships once they dock.

Here is a video capturing the collision which was posted on Twitter. As the massive 1,200-foot ship approaches the concrete mooring pylon, passengers begin to realize a collision is imminent.

Cruise Ship Crash

A passenger can be heard yelling, “We’re gonna hit. We’re gonna hit,” just before the ship rams into the pylon, smashing the metal bridges connecting it to the dock.

Royal Caribbean released a statement on the incident:

“During arrival in Falmouth, Jamaica, Harmony of the Seas made contact with an extension part of the dock. There were no injuries to guests or crew and only minor cosmetic damage to the ship’s stern. The sailing will continue as scheduled,” Royal Caribbean said in a statement.

Cruise Ship Crash
Cruise Ship Accidents

Past Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise Addicts who have followed news closely may recall that a Disney Ship in Nassua and a Norwegian Cruise Line in San Juan also had similar accidents in the past.

(Warning: Adult language).

Luckily incidents like this are very rare and often only cause property damages to the piers. Often these are the result of very heavy winds or technical difficulties onboard the ships. Each incident is investigated thoroughly as the pier damages have been in the millions.

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