Weird and wonderful themed cruises to try in 2019 and 2020

Theme night is a great way to bring together like-minded people with a common interest. We see a number of bars and clubs that host themed nights and people planning themed parties. But did you know that cruise ship companies are one of the latest big corporations to get on board themes this season? Cruise ship companies are providing their passengers with themed cruises where you can enjoy your favourite activities, hob-nob with artists and celebrities or even play bingo games if you want. Here are weird and wonderful themed cruises to try in 2019 and 2020.

The World Poker Tour 2019 Cruise

Enjoy a game of Poker with the biggest names in the arena on The World Poker Tour 2019 Cruise. Attended by some of the most popular personalities such as Vincent Van Patten (commentator for the World Poker Tour), high stakes professional Tony Dunst and world Poker tour anchor Lynn Gilmartin, this cruise offer board games from 8 pm every day. Enjoy the sun and the sea, the great cooking and the lovely cruise atmosphere by the day and enjoy some world-class ambience and competition by night on this cruise.

Throwback to the 80s

A lot of us have loved the adventure and the excitement that is the 80s. Most of us would have loved to live in that era. If you are in love with the 80s and its music, the Throwback: The 80s festival at sea is where you have to be. Starting this October, this is a mid-80s themed party on a cruise ship at sea with eighties karaoke, an eighties street party and plenty of themed nights. Enjoy some great music, some great film screenings and more from the 80s and share your love for the era with people who know the feeling!

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Meow Meow Cruise

Are you the honorary cat lady or gent of your pack? Then, the Meow Meow Cruise is especially tailored for your tastes. This cat-themed cruise is especially targeted for people who love cats and especially love to talk and shop about cats. Exchange your opinions on cats, swap your favourite pics of the kitties and enjoy the company of the feline-obsessed on this cat-themed cruise. The only drawback is that actual cats aren’t allowed on the cruise.

Big Nude Boat

At some stage or the other, every one of us has felt our clothes to be cumbersome. If roaming on a luxury cruise without worrying about the dress code or even having a dress on is your dream vacation, you need to immediately sign up for the Big Nude Boat cruise. A haven for nudists in the middle of the big blue sea, realise all your nudist dreams among like-minded people, great food and drinks and even greater ambience at this themed cruise vacation.

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