3 Best Slots to Accompany Your Cruise Adventures

Based on the 2018 American Gaming Association report, the revenue of the casino industry amounts to more than $41.6 billion a year. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more tourists are interested in including a little bit of gambling in their holiday destination. 

This article will explain the top 3 slot games that you must try while on your cruise journey. From beloved classics to the newest hits, these online slot games are guaranteed to keep you engaged and may open up a chance for a lucky jackpot. So, let’s prepare to take you through the universe of online ocean-themed slots for your cruise adventures:

Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters is a slot game that can bring peace to your cruise journey. It is one of the best ocean-themed online slots available on the internet. The game is a 20-payline progressive slot machine that visually takes the players to the lower parts of the ocean, allowing them to explore different sea creatures as slot game characters while aiming for a life-changing jackpot.

It has a dolphin for a wild symbol that multiplies its player’s win with an overall RTP of 96%. The wild symbol is quite remarkable because it could aid players to have winning combinations more frequently, increasing the probability of hitting a big jackpot.

Crystal Waters provides players with various bonus rounds and the high and the low bets of a slot game, which adapts itself to the needs of different players when there is risk. The progressive slot element is another cool gaming feature, as it builds up over time with the chance of winning when hitting a specific combination of symbols is achieved in the game.

The peaceful ocean sound effects and enchanting graphics of Crystal Waters are of top-notch quality, making a subversive ocean-themed virtual gambling experience, where players can easily immerse themselves in bets online – perfect for when they are on a cruise ship. The symbols of the game’s theme, for example, seaweed, starfish, and many different fish species, will transport you into the deep mystery of the ocean.

Ocean Treasure 

Ocean Treasure from Bovada carries a player to the exciting ocean depths that are crammed full of adventures and mysteries along with an RTP of 95.99%. This online video slot game comes with 15 pay lines and 5 reels that also push gambling boundaries with outstanding graphics and a thematic focus on treasure hunting and exploration. The game not only has ordinary wild symbols but also stacked wilds which gives more chances for big winnings.

You can find slot icons like diving equipment, sea creatures, and treasure chests are the elements in this game. One of the special features this slot game has is that it comes along with a Free Spins feature round which players can activate after hitting symbol combinations on the reels. Generally, these free spins not only prolong the game itself but also ensure the possibility of increased winnings without the need to place more bets.

Through a perfect combination of exciting gameplay, good RTP, an ocean theme, and bonus features, the Ocean Treasure slot game is full of all the components of an immersive and winnable game. Whether you are an experienced online slot player or a total beginner to the game, this game can give you a fascinating blend of fun and excitement as you embark on your cruise journey.

Shark School

Shark School’ is another slot game that has an ocean-inspired design and provides players with an exciting underwater-themed journey. This 50-payline and 5-reel online slot game is powered by Realtime Gaming, and it promises a 95% RTP rate, making this game a great option for gamers who are looking for an enjoyable cruise gambling experience.

The game’s main idea is a school of fish getting bullied by enemy sharks, where players will need to rescue the fish to earn slot game prizes. The unique story-like approach in the game can make the experience more interesting and enjoyable for gambling fans.

Shark School also has a different array of features and symbols that involve scatters, bonus games, multipliers, free spins, and wilds. The multipliers can make winnings big, while the scatter symbols and wilds can easily land combinations to make you a winner. A bonus round game and free spins can allow a player to land more wins without placing more bets.

Generally, Shark School by Bovada gives you an entertaining and special underwater-themed gambling experience, where you can win life-changing prizes. With its high RTP rate, many features, and engrossing theme, this slot game has a unique ambiance that can keep the players thrilled for hours on their cruise ship journey.


Because of the rise in online casino gambling, there has also been an increase in gamblers playing during their cruise ship journey. So with these best ocean-themed slots, you can consider yourself set throughout your cruise adventure for winning exciting jackpots.

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