5 Must-Have Travel Accessories

Whether you’re about to go backpacking around the world or enjoy a fun weekend away, you must always begin your journey as prepared as possible.

Must-Have Travel Accessories

Packing for a vacation is an organizational thrill for some, while it can be a boring chore for others. 

But don’t worry; with these five must-haves, you’ll have the necessities!

1. Phone Case

Unless you’re living off-grid, you likely have a smartphone. While phones are great for updating friends and family or posting another great pic on social media, they’re also likely to break if not protected.

The last thing you need while backpacking around the world is for your phone to break; you’ll waste money both on your old phone and your new one, and finding a new phone in a new place or country can be immensely stressful. 

If you have one of the latest models, such as the iPhone 14, check out iPhone 14 pro max cases to find unique cases to suit your style and protect your device.

2. Adapter Plug

There’s nothing worse than reaching your new destination with your phone about to die or your hair desperately needing a blow dry, then realizing your plug won’t fit the socket. So always pack an adapter plug and research the country or new location you’re visiting. 

Ensure you’re taking the right kind – they’re not always obvious. For example, Malta often uses British-designed plugs rather than the sockets used around the rest of Europe. So never assume!

3. Sunglasses

A must-have travel and fashion accessory, sunglasses are an absolute necessity and not just because they look great. Sun safety is paramount, with sunglasses protecting your eyes from UV ray damage. Not only do they reduce the risk of cataracts, but they also protect the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. 

Invest in a pair that won’t break after five uses to be proud of your sustainable footprint. Put your health first, and ensure less squinting with a pair of sunglasses that’ll last you a lifetime. 

4. Reusable Water Bottle

With the plastic industry booming and an ever-growing threat to our planet, it’s essential to limit your plastic use where possible. A reusable stainless steel water bottle is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Especially if you’re likely to have long flights or travel days, a reusable water bottle will keep your water cool or your coffee hot, ensuring you’re always hydrated and have access to water when needed.

5. A Travel Wallet

A fun travel wallet is a must-have for weekend trips worldwide. Keeping your health insurance, travel insurance, boarding passes, and passports in one organized wallet will make your travel experience more accessible and stress-free. 

As you’ll be getting it out, why not choose a color or pattern that speaks to your unique personality so it becomes as much of an accessory as your phone case or sunglasses? 

Get Packing!

Whatever the weather, wherever you go, and however long you go, these five must-haves will set you on the right path and brighten your journey!

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