5 Things to Know About Going on a Cruise to Norway

If you’re planning to go on a cruise to Norway, then prepare for a spectacular experience. The Scandinavian country may be relatively small compared to some of its neighbors, but it certainly doesn’t fall short on beautiful landscapes or stunning sights to discover. Here are a few Norwegian things to look out for when you head there on a cruise.

Be prepared for all weathers

Norway can get cold throughout the year, so if you’re heading on a luxury Norway cruise, even during the summer months, you should pack plenty of layers to keep you warm. In the evening during late spring to summer months, temperatures can drop down to a pretty crisp 4 degrees at night, while the sun feels pleasant without being overwhelmingly hot during the day time.

If you’re heading towards Norway later in the year, then make sure that you have plenty of warmer gear, as autumn and winter in the northern country can be bitterly cold.

Look out for the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, are visible in the night skies in many Scandinavian regions, especially Norway. The ethereal light display can arise in clear night skies, with bright shows of green and crimson ribbons rippling through the air, and is caused by the interaction of solar winds from the sun, on the Earth’s atmosphere.

They can appear throughout the year but clear dark skies provide the best conditions to see them. If you’re hoping to catch them during your visit to Norway, the best times are during the long nights through autumn and winter, although you may still catch a glimpse during other times of the year.

Sample the delicious local food

Norwegian food has its own distinctive appeal, reflecting the country’s unique history and culture, and it’s absolutely essential to sample some of Norway’s exquisite delicacies during a cruise there. 

Norwegian salmon is particularly renowned, as it comes from the clear, colder waters around the country’s coastline, giving the fish a deeper and richer flavor. Look out for Norwegian Gravlax, a form of cured salmon that is prepared with salt, dill, and sugar.

And if you have a sweet tooth, take a nibble of a delicious traditional pancake, that is usually served wrapped in a cone, with a variety of sweet fillings.

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Keep your opinions to yourself

Norway has a reserved culture, and it’s highly frowned upon to criticize subjects openly or make direct complaints. 

While some local practices may seem unusual to outsiders, for example, eating whale meat, which is a common Norwegian tradition, voicing criticisms of the Norwegian way of life may leave you looking uninformed.

Admire the amazing nature

There’s plenty of stunning nature all around you when visiting Norway, so keep all your senses open to soak it all in. 

From stunning fjords and lakes to serene forests and hills, it’s the perfect place to feel tranquil and utterly relaxed in the natural world.

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